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Samsung Just Rolled Out Android Oreo Update for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

We already knew that Samsung was working on Android 8.0 update for all of its 2017 flagship phones including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Now the latest report suggested that Samsung has started rolling fourth the fourth beta of its Oreo update for said users.

Currently, both, S8 and S8 Plus ship with Android 7.1 running out of the box. The report of beta release came out from SamMobile. The team also hinted that the final version of the Oreo update should be made available to the public at the end of January or maybe in early February next year.

The Oreo update was already available for Google Pixel and Nexus devices and there have been many developer releases for the OS as well. The update adds many tweaks for performance improvements,  smart text selection, better notification management and a new Auto fill framework.

At the time of writing, a total of 0.5 percent users are on an Android Phone and Android 7 and 7.1 still hold almost 23% of Android market share. Also, Android is currently the most used operating system. 

Do you have a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus? have you gotten the beta update? let us know in the comments below…

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