Samsung Just Launched Tank Like S8 Active With A Shatterproof Screen

If you have been following Samsung phone timelines, you should know already know that after every flagship, the company launches an “Active” variant of the phone that is more durable and heavy, at the expense of being somewhat ugly and being a network exclusive. Just before Note 8 launch, the company’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is finally launched after a long series of leaks. For a while, it is an AT&T exclusive. The smartphone is available for carrier’s subscribers on pre-order on AT&T Next for a 30-month price of almost Rs 1800 per month ($29) , this time, there is an unlocked version of the phone too, which is a first from Samsung, it will cost $849.99, which is more expensive than many S8 SKU’s.

S8 Active will probably be recognized particularly for its unmatched durability. Korean tech giant claims that a 5 feet fall to the floor will keep it intact as if the surface was a cushion. Its battery life is enhanced with specific margins and overall the phone is a suited to be taken and used in tough environments.

On specs department, it is a 5.8-inch display gadget powered by a 4000 mAh battery that should provide 5 days of standby time. It comes with Snapdragons 835 and 4 GB RAM and includes 64 GB storage. From 11 August, it will be available in stores with its two released variants in Meteor Grey and Titanium Gold. Till that it remains a bliss for AT&T and its dedicated subscribers. Looking for alternatives? Recently launched Moto Z2 Force is worth a look.

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