Samsung is Launching A Foldable Phone Soon, And It Will Have 2 Displays

Samsung has been working on a foldable phone for quite some time. We have seen some leaked images and some expos have shown working displays that can be bent and folded. Now, it looks like the company is preparing to launch the phone early in the next year.

More interestingly, the phone will have a 7-inch display which will bring it to tablet territory. The reporter Martin also covered that the new phone will have a second display bar on the exterior of the device.

The speculated price of the phone is around $1500 at launch, which is quite higher than the most expensive version of the iPhone X.

The phone, codenamed Winner, won’t probably be a mass appeal phone, but it will be interesting to see if Samsung can make a phone with foldable screen actually practical to use on a day to day basis.

The phone will have a flexible OLED display and Korean conglomerate is believed to be working on curved batteries for the phone.

Your move, Apple.

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