Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Leaked

Although Samsung is prepping to launch Galaxy Note 9, it looks like work for Galaxy S10 is also on full swing. For the 10 year anniversary of the popular flagship series, the company seems to be working on big design changes on the phone.

The phone will probably have a bezel-less display without a notch and it will have an in-display fingerprint sensor as well.

This was well expected by industry pundits, but surprisingly enough, the latest leaks suggest that the phone will come with a triple camera setup on the back.

Twitter/Ice Universe

This information came from ETNews which stated that apart from a flat 5.8-inch display variant, the phone will have a tri-camera setup on its back, sadly, the report did not state any specs of the sensors but if it is true, we can expect some more leaks about it in future.

While Galaxy Note 9 does not seems to be coming with a camera setup like this, reports of iPhone X Plus also indicate a triple lens camera.

Take these reports with a pinch of salts though, as no info about the Galaxy S10 is official. Still, it will be interesting to see if triple lens camera setup becomes the next industry trend next year.

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