Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Awarded Flagship Smartphone of The Year

Samsung did get into a lot of trouble when the Galaxy Note 7 literally caught fire last year, but the company did not drop the series and it looks like the efforts have paid out. The phone earned the title of Flagship phone of the year at the Exhibit Tech Awards in Gurgaon India last night.

Considering the phone is one of the absolute best that Samsung has ever made, the award is earned too. At the moment, Note 8 is the only major phone to come with a stylus and the phone is also one of the built phones around. Reviewers and customers dig its big flashy display and Samsung has added a dual camera system that is one of the best shooters around.

Samsung has other reasons to celebrate too, the Gear S3 watch won the Wearable Gadget of the year. The smartwatch was released earlier this year and had just got a major facelift with Samsung’s Value Pack update.

What do you think about Galaxy Note 8? is it a phone you will consider the best of 2017? share with us in the comments below…

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