February 9, 2018

Samsung Has Finally Launched Android Oero Update For Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 was launched last year with Android 7 pre-installed and Samsung promised an update to the latest version of Android later after its launch. Now, after a ton of beta testing, it looks like the South Korean mobile giant is finally pushing the update to its customers.

The update is initially being sent to users who had opted for the beta testing, but it will soon be rolled out to all users that have the Samsung flagship phone. The firmware version is G955XXU1CRAP.

The news was first picked by SamMobile where beta testers in Germany spotted the new update on their handsets. The new update is almost half a gig in size which is actually smaller compared to other updates for non-beta testing users. If you have a Galaxy S8, you can go to Settings > Software Update > Download updates manually to download and install the update.

Aside from upgrading the phone to Android 8 Oero, the update brings a more refined Samsung Experience 9.0 which includes new launcher shortcuts, some improvements in biometric authentication and colored media notifications alongside with a new dual messenger mode.

Apart from Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Samsung may also release an OTA for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy J7 Prime. 

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