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Why Pay $1000 For An iPhone X When You Can Get A Lookalike for $300?

There is no doubt that the iPhone X is the best iPhone Apple has launched in years, one more thing of no doubt is its price, $1000 just for a lower storage option, if you have been craving for a phone that looks as different as the iPhone X does but don’t want to spend a thousand bucks for it, it looks like Android has got you covered.

No, I am not talking about an App that emulates Dat Notch (Although it’s still cool). AH recently covered a $300 Chinese phone called Legaoo S9. Aside from Samsung’s brand name rip off, the most impressive thing the phone does is that is ships with almost same aesthetic as Apple’s golden boy.

The phone is a pretty mid-range affair tho, it runs on a mid-range MediaTek P40 processor, it has 6 GB of RAM and it will come with 128 GB of storage with a pair of 16 MP cameras on its back.

While it has most of iPhone X’s looks scored, the phone has a fingerprint sensor on its back, also, the volume rocker is on the left and the power button of the phone is on the right side.

Will I recommend you to buy the phone? Of course not, even at this low price. But I will definitely understand if someone goes out of his way to get this phone, even if it’s just for the giggles.

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