How not to become a Script Kiddie

Script Kiddies are people who are trying to do hack even if they don’t have knowledge. Most script kiddies don’t…

History of Mario in One no BS Infographic

Even though Mario is very famous in Gaming world, tons of Myths exist about the history, naming and its evolution.

Blackberry is Making an Android Phone called Blackberry Priv

RIM seems to have a plan to fight back with its first ever Android Powered Smartphone. BlackBerry is calling it…

Apple iOS 9.0.1 Update is out; Fixing several bugs

Apple iOS 9.0.1 fixes several bugs that were present in the iOS 9.0.0 update. iOS 9.0.1 update also addresses several…

Samsung 950 Pro is the fastest SSD in the World

Samsung has created and released its new Samsung 950 Pro SSD and it breaks all SSD speed records.

Here is the Angry Birds Movie Trailer with stinking Pigs

It will be interesting to see how the Rovio’s Angry Bird movie performs on the Box Office.

Instagram is now a lot Bigger than Twitter

Photo sharing website Instagram is now bigger than twitter. Facebook owned company recently announced that it now has whooping 400…

Microsoft Office 2016 is finally here

Microsoft has released the new version of its ubiquitous product, Microsoft Office 2016. It is now available for all PCs…

Microsoft is releasing Office 2016 on September 22

Microsoft is releasing the latest update for its widely used Office Suite for Windows on 22nd September.

Amazon has a tablet for your Kids at $99

In terms of specs Amazon has packed 1.3Ghz Quad Core Processor and 1GB RAM in the Fire Kids Edition. The…