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Original Pixel Customers Are Dragging Google To Court

While Pixel and Pixel XL on 2017 ware great phones in many regards but it looks like not everything about the phone was satisfactory for customers. Aside from the arguably bland design, the phone had some major issues with its microphone.

Just recently, a group of Pixel owners has filed a complaint on the court on the matter stating that the phones had these problems from the very beginning. The case also contains that Google knew about the issues and knowingly sold these defective units with the standard warranty.

In the march of 017, Google acknowledged that some Pixel and Pixel XL phones may have a failure because of a physical defect in around 33% phones. These issues were due to a crack in the solder of the microphone component going into Pixel’s mainframe.

Time will tell if Google has to face a lawsuit because of the problem, but it is worth noting that this is not the first time Pixel phones are in talks because of hardware defects. The new Pixel 2 XL phones have been criticized because of their AMOLED display color shifts and burn-ins.

In the microphone case, customers have reported a range of issues including high-pitched smearing and clicking noises. Some have been fixed with software updates, but it looks like some problems still persist.

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