Oops, Samsung May Have Leaked Galaxy S9 and S9+ Itself

Remember when Samsung itself mistakenly leaked its Galaxy A8 phones a week ago, well, it looks like the Smartphone Giant has still some lessons to learn. While we have seen countless leaks about Galaxy S9 from third parties, the latest leak comes from Samsung itself.

XDA noted that the latest update of Samsung’s music creation app ‘Soundcamp’ has some images that depict the app running on a Galaxy S8 like Smartphone. But notably, the images in the app show even thinner bottom bezel that is very similar to the leaks we have seen about Galaxy S9 in recent weeks.

Apart from these Samsung sent images of Galaxy A8 to press before launch that shows a fingerprint sensor which was right below the camera, that should also be coming with the Galaxy S9. The flash, however, should still be on the right side of the sensor.

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