June 23, 2016

Now You Can Automatically Spoil Game of Thrones For Your Friends

Want  to take revenge with your ex? how about you ruin his/her Game of Thrones with an automated spoiler?

Yupp, a website called spoiled.io let’s you be the devil and send your friends automated spoilers from latest episode of GoT as soon as it is aired.

game of thrones spoiler

That’s not just it, the website will also post their reply on its twitter account.

With every airing episode Game of Thrones is getting more interesting and it is getting tougher to ignore spoilers form the show. Sure, you can avoid some spoilers on social media using Chrome extensions, but, it is going to be really tough to ignore.

The best (or worst?) part about the site? it costs just $1.

PS: If you add my number, I will F***ing Kill you.

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Saurabh Tripathi

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