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Nokia Launches Crazy Cheap Nokia 1 With Android Go And Xpress Covers

Nokia has been launching many budget phones in the past since its return from the dead in 2016. In that process and to join the ranks with Nokia 2 and Nokia 3, the company recently launched its cheapest android phone to date.

The phone is named Nokia 1 and unlike all other phones in Nokia lineup, the phone comes with Android Go which is made especially for devices with low-powered specs.

The phone has a 1.1 GHz MediaTek SoC and 1 GB of RAM and it will come with just 8 GB of storage. The camera department is not impressive either, the phone has a basic 5-megapixel camera and the front of the phone has a 4.5-inch low-res screen.

To match with its specs, the company will sell the phone for $85 and the phones back cover can be replaced easily, although these will cost extra.

Considering Android Go is an interesting ongoing Google project, we will have to wait to see if the phone does great in terms of sales in the market.

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