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Nokia 8 Has Leaked Again, May Be the First Phone to Launch With Android 8

We recently talked about Nokia’s upcoming flagship phones where details about Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 were leaked a couple weeks ago, well, this time we have a photo of the phone alongside with software information too both of which were found on GeekBentch. Nokia’s comebacks flagships had a fervent media reception during the first half of this year. It had been quite a reason why Nokia 8 leaks owned a charm and were so many that we are very much informed of it prior to its release that may be coming anytime soon.

Most of its leaks had been pretty accurate. However, an important addition is that which comes from GeekBench recently letting us know that Nokia 8 may be the very first phone, or among the very first, phones, to run on Android’s latest version which will be probably numbered Android 8.0.0. This though may be a test version and release version may come up with Naught 7.1.1, still, the denomination seems pretty declarative when it holds a shining 8 in HMD Global’s next big offering, similar to LG V20 that firstly introduced Naught 7.0.

Nokia 8, is codenamed ‘Unknown Heart’, and the phones run on a Snapdragons 835 processor with 4 GB RAM. As the leaked images have shown, there is no home button on the front which means there will be no fingerprint scanner but an on-screen navigation. The rear will have a capsule design for its camera and speakers will be grilled at the bottom.

The market is pretty eager to welcome latest on Android. If it goes in accordance, Nokia 8 is going to bite a fair share of cake with the denomination of being the first phone to come with Android 8.0.0.

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