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No! There is No Google Ultra Pixel Phone

Google’s new Pixel phones will be launching this week. There have already been many leaks revealing many details about the phone but a rumor followed after a leaked series of images and videos demonstrating of an “Ultra Pixel” smartphone. The rumor maintained that there will be three-pixel devices, the Pixel, the Pixel XL and the Ultra Pixel to compete with the respective iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

However, the leak is debunked as by those who designed the concept and made the rendered video. Youtuber BRECCIA who was the “leaker” of the “Ultra Pixel” has just put out a video on how the world believed his concept, and was also proud that big international Youtubers were considering his designs to be real. So…. It was all a prank that had the market wave trembling.

Prolific leaker @evleaks and @Onleaks too denied the possibility of the “Ultra Pixel”.

It got a bit ugly when ended up being a big troll in the face of today’s online journalism which has become more mainstream than most would expect. And hailed as a prime example of fake news in the tech world.

“Ultrapixel” is anyways an HTC trademark. Google may have an Ongoing deal with HTC, it will take months, and Google will not be able to use HTC’s trademark.

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