How Much Does It Cost Apple to Make an iPhone X?

Apple launched the newest and probably the most impressive iPhone a month ago in an event. As you may already know the phone sells for $999. Want to know how much its components add up in money terms? IHS Markit broke iPhone X to pieces. They claim that 64GB version has a cost of around $370.

It is about A1865 model of the iPhone X with 64GB. The highest cost, as says Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of cost benchmarking, is of the screen and its TrueDepth sensing system. It is also the most talked about feature of this smartphone which gives its Face ID, a facial recognition which replaces fingerprint recognition along with an infrared camera projecting more than 30,000 invisible dots to map faces.

Jérémie Bouchaud, Face ID is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect sensing system, which used a flood illuminator, dot projector coupled with an infrared camera.

Teardown reveals IR camera is supplied by Sony/Foxconn and flood illuminator is an IR emitter from Texas Instruments built on an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and single-photon avalanche diode detector from ST Microelectronics. Finisar and Philips have produced the dot projector and the overall cost of putting the hardware with the TrueDepth sensor cluster at $16.70.

Another big cost is the 5.85-inch 19.5:9 aspect ratio AMOLED display including the cover glass, AMOLED panel, and Force Touch sensor, at $110. And when sum up the totals cost by the margins that can be there, the overall cost reaches to $370. Of course, it will higher little when you including the manufacturing process, but that can be marginal. And if it’s about the overall cost of the material placed in the iPhone X, that will sum-up to $370. from another benchmark, however, HIS Markit claims Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus has a bill of materials cost of $288. So we can find it somewhere an approximation around those figures. You may be surprised to know that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 also costs almost same as the iPhone. 

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