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Moto Just Launched a New iPhone X Copycat Phone

The market has been a bit tough for Moto on the higher end but I had never thought that the company will go to this path for its flagship phone designs.

In a recent event in China, the respected phone manufacturer launched a new phone and called it Moto P30. However, rather than making it stand out like Moto Z Force and Moto G6 have been in past, P30 basically looks like an iPhone X with a bit worse build quality.

Sure, there are only so many ways to design a rectangle with a glass back and a screen on the front, but Essential phone and Samsung Galaxy S9 have proved that you don’t have to copy Apple to make your phone look good.

Alas, Moto P30 is a shameless design copy of the iPhone X with Android 8.0 installed on it. Complete with a wide notch and a dual camera setup on the top left only thing missing is an Apple logo and a lightning port in place of USB-C.

Among available colors, only one is a bit different than the norm these days and that too has been done by Huawei with its last triple camera phone.

The P30 is a mid-range phone which is roughly $300 in China, the SoC is middle of the rod Snapdragon 636 which is paired with 6 GB RAM which is a bit overkill considering it’s a mid-range phone.

Ofcource P30 is not the only phone to shamelessly copy iPhone X, I have covered another Chinese ripoff a couple months ago which also came at around $300. Still, it’s a bit sad to see the legendary Motorola do down this way.

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