Microsoft you need to worry….. A lot

The Redmond Street Company Microsoft has been king of software for past few decades. We used to be a die-hard fan of Windows and other Microsoft products , But now the fan feeling is no longer in us. Microsoft is changed and all of that is not good. Let’s see what the matter is.

The Problem with Microsoft

God knows what Microsoft’s first priority is. They have a developed a really bad habit for a past few years which is throwing users features what Microsoft wants not what consumers need, No one even a tablet customer wanted a plain looking Modern User Interface, Android is not so plain and boxy but is really functional on touch screen.

We all agree Windows Vista was a failure it was not snappy and was really clunky. After learning their lesson the successor Windows 7 is still most loved OS. After the success of Windows 7, just to join the tablet race Microsoft almost neglected the normal PC user. Microsoft just slapped the Modern UI in our PCs even through it was not
working well with Mouse and keyboard.
Microsoft is really good at making software but they are now just focusing on new things not in what they have already mastered, let’s take an example- the windows media player is not upgraded since the release of windows 7, after windows 7 instead of Updating the UI and features of Windows Media Player they made a new Music app in windows 8 which is simply not as powerful as Windows Media Player also removing the Windows aero introduced
in Windows Vista  just by saying it was a resource hog was not a so good decision, sure it consumes more power but it would be a lot better if you gave the choice to customers.

Now the Competition is Tough

10 years ago thinking of a Microsoft killer brand would have been tough but today apart from Apple and Ubuntu customers do have choice. Now the alternatives are not only for name but some are even better than Microsoft Products.


Google Chromebook

The Increasing sales of Chromebooks is a clear sign for Microsoft, the dominance in Netbook sector may be at risk. The games department where no other PC OS platform was so strong candidate then Microsoft, now has new excellent OS, the valve Made STEAM OS, even Ubuntu is getting better day by day. Apple’s MAC is also holding their ground so strongly.

Not Just in Software sector..

Making software is not the only sector where Microsoft is active, Hardware and Cyber space is
also where Microsoft is trying to break the grounds, the competition is so thought. Although Xbox One is great machine but really strong alternatives are their such as PS4 and Nintendo Wii U, the Surface is a really nice piece of hardware but is not selling like Apple made devices.


Well Microsoft is not going to die , thinking of it will be so foolish, still Windows is used in almost 90% PCs (not in tablets) and is much more powerful that other alternatives, the software and gaming library is so huge than any other competitor, Microsoft Office is also almost unbeatable productivity suite. But hell yes the dominance may be at risk, the market share may decrease, not the total users. Just like Google Chrome better alternatives are showing up and they need to think about that.

Microsoft needs to wake up…

It is not so bad to learn from your mistakes and Microsoft has learnt their lesson from their Recent failures, what they need to do is instead of sticking users anything, give users choice – Like using the start menu or using Start Screen. Also they need to give priority to daily PC users not to dragging other electronic ecosystem costumers to their platform – that should be on the second place, also they have everything they need to create excellent software so they should use their resources. The Windows 10 is may be the next Windows 7 for us but it can be made much better then it currently is. They need to give a visual reboot to windows UI, make it feel like new. Increase the functionality of already included software (yes we are talking about Media Player, Note Pad and even Paint).

We know you can do it and it would be really good if you do it.

Image credits : Mike Mozart on flikr and slgckgc on flikr.


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