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Meet Zanco, World’s Smallest Mobile Phone

Remember when we talked about Jelly, which was the smallest phones on earth with Android, well, Zanno is even smaller. Just a few days ago, the smartphone the phone was launched on Kickstarter with a full name of Zanco Tiny T1. At the time of writing, the phone has already been funded $36000, meeting $33000 which was its goal.

The phone is just 46.7 mm tall and 21 mm wide. Its thicker than many smartphones though – almost 12 mm. The company claimed that the phone will be lighter than a metal coin and will have all essential features that a mobile phone should have. The phone supports a single nano-SIM card and it has a contact list which can store 300 contacts. The phone has SMS support too with the memory of storing 50 text messages.

Just as its name, the specs are tiny too, Zanco has 32MB of storage and it runs on MediaTek MTK6261D motherboard with just 32MB RAM. There is a ridiculously tiny 0.49-inch OLED display on the front and the battery size is just 200mAh, which is lower than even smartwatches such as Apple Watch.

There is no 3G or 4G network support but two 2G Bands are supported to cover most voice calling networks. In its super early bird offer, the phone is available for EUR 30, (roughly Rs 2,280) it will start shipping in May 2018.

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