July 12, 2018

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leak Reveals A Lot of Interesting Stuff

Just recently. I covered a leaked render of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 and today, we got some a picture of the phone alongside with the pricing details and launch dates.

Ice Universe on Twitter shared an image of the phone which shows the Note 9’s back, which looks a bit different than the last one. One thing still impressive is that the phone looks to be keeping its headphone jack. Alongside that, we can see a USB-C port and a slot to keep the S-Pen each Note device ships with.

Interestingly, the photo shows that the S Pen will come in a gold color which will be a first for the series.

According to the rumors, the Note 9 will be most expensive in the series with a price tag of PLN 4299 which is roughly Rs. 80,ooo in India. The pre-orders will begin on the 9th August which is also the day of phone’s official announcement.

Note 9 is the only flagship phone that comes with a tablet and the series has survived even after the  Note 7 débâcle, it will be interesting to see what changes Samsung makes to the phone when it launches in the market.

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