KeepVid Pro Review: A Great Video Downloader, If You Need One

Even though the world is moving quickly to streaming only entertainment, keeping media offline still makes sense. Especially for people who either have low internet speeds or individuals who have data caps applied from their ISPs. KeepVid Pro is a popular video downloading application that is available for both Windows and Mac, but is this worth spending your money? We will try to find it out in this review.

Before we get to the app, a little disclaimer first: Many video streaming sites don’t want their users to download videos for offline use, and some of these videos may be copyrighted too, you should keep that in mind and read site’s T&Cs before downloading anything from their site.

KeepVid Pro Review

KeepVid Pro is a paid video downloading application that is available for Windows and MacOS. At the time of writing, it costs almost $30 for a single user lifetime license and for that price, the App lets you download videos from almost all major websites. It has some other features such as built-in abilities to convert media files and recording your screen, but these are to complement it downloading features. If you are looking for advanced options for media conversion or a powerful screen capture utility, I think you will be better off looking at dedicated utilities.

Installations, Activations and First Impressions

The installation is straightforward. All you have to do is just download the setup from the official site and run the downloaded installer. KeepVid did not try to install any PUP, and the footprint is quite low (almost 180 MB) which is great for people using ultrabooks with small SSDs.

KeepVid Pro on Windows 10

KeepVid Pro on Windows 10

Once the installation is done, you can open the App from the start menu, and after activating it, you can start downloading videos without needing any other configuration.

KeepVid Pro does not have any extension in Chrome’s Web Store to add a direct download option to websites. Instead, you will have to install a Chrome extension called Tampermoneky, and then you will have to add a script to it if you want a download button next to videos on YouTube. It’s not the most elegant solution possible, but it works well once you jump through some hoops.


KeepVid Pro looks sleek, and the UI is easy to navigate and understand. On the left of the window, there are four tabs that let you switch between Downloading, Recording, Converting and Transferring videos. The fifth tab is labeled called Online, which is basically a wrapper for a web browser, if you don’t want to use any extension and want to download videos, just open the site from here, and you will find direct download buttons quickly.

The app has a built in browser for downloading videos

The app has a built-in browser for downloading videos

The first tab is probably the one that you will use most, and from here, you can see and control all downloads. At the top, you can find a Paste URL button that can be used to add videos to the download lists. In the case of YouTube, the App not only can download videos but also, if you paste an URL to a playlist or Channel, KeepVid Pro can download them too.

In case a site is not supported, KeepVid Pro has built-in screen capture as well. To capture a video you will have to mark a recording area on the screen and then play the video on the site. You can pick up to 30 FPS in screen recording, and it works for almost all open windows and is not limited to web browsers only. While Recording is a nice addition to the app, if you are into serious screen capture, you will be better off by investing in a good capture card.

The Convert tab is where I was surprised most. While a lot of video downloaders support converting videos when they are downloaded, KeepVid takes it up a notch and works well for converting local videos too. Once you have added videos using the dialog box (or by dragging them to the window), you can convert them to almost all common file formats including MKV, mp4, AVI and QuickTime’s MOV. You can also use it to convert video files to audio files such as mp3, m4a or MKA.

The application supports conversion to a lot of video and audio formats

The application supports conversion to a lot of video and audio formats

The fourth tab is for Transferring downloaded videos to other portable devices, and it supports iOS and Android Devices. I tested an Android Phone, and after enabling USB Debugging, it works just fine.

Using KeepVid Pro

Once setup, using the app is pretty straightforward. It supports downloading videos from almost all important websites. A full list can be found here, it looks like apart from supporting YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, the app supports tons of websites that host adult content.

I installed KeepVid on two machines; the first one is an entry level laptop with a fourth generation i3 processor paired with 4 GB RAM, and the other was a Quad Core Skylake i7 machine paired with 16 GB RAM. The app was responsive on both and in all cases, the download speed was entirely depended on my network speeds, which it should be.

Once a video is done downloading, KeepVid Pro includes a built-in player to preview video and audio files. While the player is not terrible, I wish it just opened video and audio files in my default media player. Also, it would have been great if KeepVid supported automatically downloading new videos from my channel subscriptions in YouTube.


There are lots of ways that you can use to download videos from streaming sites, and if you are someone who downloads a lot of media from Internet, KeepVid Pro should keep you happy. The simple UI, almost errorless experience and support for a wide number of sites, make KeepVid an easy software to recommend to users who are serious about downloading videos.

KeepVid supports downloading entire playlists from YouTube, which can be a great feature for a lot of users.

KeepVid Pro supports downloading entire playlists from YouTube, which can be a great feature for a lot of users.

On the other hand, if you don’t really need the advanced features that it offers, KeepVid has a free online downloader. Also, we have talked about other free tools that you can use.

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KeepVid Pro

KeepVid Pro

Ease of use









  • Easy to use UI
  • Light on resources
  • Conversion supports many formats
  • Small footprint


  • Does not support advanced scheduling
  • Built-in player is not as good

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