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Just Like iPhones, Galaxy Note 8 May Come With a Pressure Sensitive Display

Now that Galaxy Note 8 is ready to launch on August 23rd and its pre-order sale is supposed to begin by first September. We are as near to watch Samsung pivoting in a new era of smartphones as we could be. For owning its eminent reputation, there has been no shortage of leaks around the upcoming phone.

As an addition to it, now we know that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may come with its own version of 3D Touch, a pressure sensitive display feature firstly introduced by Apple.

Samsung’s form of 3D Touch (called Force Touch by some Android manufacturers) may function the same way though Galaxy Note 8. In other ways it will follow the design of the current flagship matching earlier rumors. Taking advantage of the pressure-sensitive display in the same manner as we already saw in previous Samsung flagship, around the home button there’s no mention of other functionality beyond access to a hidden shortcuts menu.

Samsung may also include Android 7.1.1 Nougat’s new App Shortcuts with its Force Touch feature for accessing direct actions right from the app icon. For now, it’s unknown if the pressure sensitive features extend to the whole screen. Samsung is to start pre-orders for Note 8 around September 1 to 10 with the official availability to be around September 15. Considering iPhone 8 is launching soon and its Plus version will come at almost the same size, it will be interesting to see which one does better at phablet sales.

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