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iPhone X Users Are Reporting ‘Green Line of Death’ Problem

A month ago, reports were floating on the internet about iPhone 8’s cracking open due to faulty battery problems, and now it looks like that was not the end of iPhone issues. iPhone X is now facing an issue of a random green line appearing on displays. Earlier reported by MacRumors, this problem started as a mocking point around the internet as‘Green Line of Death’. At least 25 such reports are already mentioned around the net.

A weird part is that this issue doesn’t flash immediately, but after some regular use of the phone it pops out suddenly. In some cases it changes color into a purple line too, appearing towards right or left sides of the display. And in some case, on both sides. Consumers have shared photos of this hardware issue, Apple Support Communities, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit are catching on this regularly. though those 25 cases make only a nominal count around the users, the sudden popup of those issues gets everyone else in suspicion.

The green line wasn’t visible on any of the affected iPhone X units when they were first taken out of the box but rather developed spontaneously after some period of usage in normal conditions. The devices involved also don’t appear to have been dropped or damaged in any way.

“Day one and a bright green line has appeared down the right side of the iPhone X,” said Apple Support Communities user benvolio1979 has stated it so.

Restarting or resetting the phone to its factory settings does not help either. Reports are from owners of both 64GB and 256GB configurations in Silver or Space Gray in the United States, Canada, Poland, and Australia at a minimum. MacRumors has yet not demonstrated the issue once again. And Apple has declined to comment on an emailed response from its spokesperson. However, Apple has been replacing affected iPhone X units free of charge. They are also supposedly collecting data from the incidents so that its engineers can forward on this matter. Considering iPhone X is one of the most hyped phones of the year, Apple certainly does not want this.

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