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iPhone Are Now More Expensive Because of Increased Import Tax

Barely a couple of days after government’s decision of increasing import taxes on imported mobile phones, Apple has increased the prices of its mobile phones in the country. All phones except for iPhone SE, which is assembled now in the country, are affected by the changes.

On Friday, the government announced that mobile imports will be taxed at 15 percents incest of 10 as a decision to help curb supplies from other countries and to build up interest about developing phone inside. Because of this decision, iPhone has, on average, 3.5% increased pricing.

Surprisingly, the most affected variant of the phone is iPhone 6 which will cost 30,780 INR instead of 29,000 INR.

iPhone X, which previously cost Rs. 1,02,000 now costs 1,05,720 INR in India with 3.9% increase for the 256 GB variant. The 64 GB iPhone X will now cost Rs 92,430 instead of Rs 89,000.

Now that Apple has made the price change, other companies including Samsung and Xiaomi will be following the suit soon. One thing to keep in mind is that prices of these phone on many online retailers are typically less because of cashback offers and discounts.

Also, buyers spending top dollar on a flagship phone will probably be fine with the slight increase and this is why Apple is sure that sales of the iPhone’s won’t have a major impact.

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