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iPhone May Have a Serious Battery Problem, Apple Investigates

In case you forgot, we covered an incident of an iPhone 8 cracking open when it was put in charge a few days ago.  When it was one case, we thought it was a rumor, but there are 6 reports of iPhone 8 batteries swelling and phone splitting open.

Two iPhone 8 Plus users in Japan and Taiwan encountered it recently and the total number of reports reached six in five countries including Hong Kong, Canada, and Greece. Apple has been acknowledging this recently saying “We are aware and looking into it.”

In the first incident, an iPhone 8 Plus user in Taiwan tweeted photos of the swelling device while charging. It was only purchased 5 days ago. Apple recovered the affected iPhone 8 Plus.

But then in Japan, a device arrived split open in the box. Then there came reports from Hong Kong, Greece, and Canada after these reports.

Supposedly it is due to Apple’s obsession with thin phones. The same was suffered earlier was Samsung, in its case, it was Galaxy Note 7 that was called off after the reports of blasting batteries. Manufacturers now face limitations with lithium-ion batteries, and end up developing batteries with more power but with risks of a short circuit.

Even after knowing that Galaxy Note 7 is back on market in a bit different package, we are sure Apple does not want the same to happen.

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