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iPhone 8 Plus Cracked Open Because of Faulty Battery: Report

iPhone 8 was launched just a few weeks ago and it looks like Apple’s new phone might be in a big trouble. A user reported that her iPhone 8 split open after almost five days of use. The Next Web reported that Apple is currently investigating: the phone may have split up while charging or using.

At Taiwan, a user claimed that her iPhone 8 Plus got split open while it was charging. As the web reports came late Friday, the words were: “So far, the finger of blame is being pointed at the battery. Unconfirmed reports state the iPhone 8 Plus uses the same battery manufacturer, Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7″.

Arguably, the screen of the device bulged out five days after the user purchased it. It was 64GB “Rose Gold” iPhone 8 Plus using the supplied cable and adaptor. “After about three minutes, she reported seeing the front panel bulge, and eventually lift completely from the device”, the report included. BGR reported about one more users reporting about the screen being visibly detached from the phone upon its arrival, although the phone was not being charged at the moment she noticed.

Because it’s just one user, It may just be a hoax or an anomaly as well, for there are no reports of visible evidence of burn marks. Unless Apple’s or a trustworthy independent investigation can confirm that the battery was at fault, we should take this news with a grain of salt.

We have to wait and watch till Apple finishes the investigation – or more iPhone’s split like that. Considering faulty batteries are some of the common problems with mobile phones these days and in some cases, these have been dangerous for users, Apple certainly will wish that these reports are fake. iPhone X will be coming very soon and it will be interesting to see what Apple has to say about these recent incidents.

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