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HP Launches Z8 Workstation Desktops With 3TB RAM and 48TB of Storage

Sure, Razor Blade, Dell’s XPS and Apple MacBooks are aiming to provide as much as performance per liter as possible while also trying to be as small as possible, still, there are some works that these tine computers just won’t cut. If you are into these things, HP’s latest offering may be of your interest.

Recently, HP launched Z8 series of desktop workstations that are powered by dual Xeon CPUs with up to 56 procession cores (and double amount of threads) and the computers support up to 3 terabytes of RAM  (in case you forgot, 1024 GB = 1 TB). Apart from that, the computers also support up to 48 terabytes of storage all inside the case and to crush almost all tasks that someone may need, Z8 can be equipped with as many as three Nvidia Quadro P6000 graphics cards.

To actually make sure that those cores can be utilized, the Z8 series will feature 9 PICe slots, seven of which are full size and it has support for dual M.2 SSDs for blazing fast storage. It also has dual GiG-E ports, ten USB 3.1 ports, and an optional thunderbolt 3 port. The monster of a workstation is powered by a 17,00 (yes, seventeen hundred) watt power supply and it will be cooled by invective decting.

The performance will, as you can guess, not come cheap, the Z8 will start at $2,439 for base models and you can expect it to reach tens of thousands of dollars for fully equipped versions. Unlike the recently launched $9000 Acer Predator laptop that was aimed at gaming, this one is made for serious data crunching, graphics work, or simulations. If you need it for work or you just hate your money, pre-orders will be starting soon.

In case you want a more reasonable and cheap computer, here is our laptop buying guide that may come in handy. 

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