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Google Pixel 2 May Be The First Phone to Come With Snapdragon 836 SoC

Currently, Snapdragon 835 is the most popular, and most powerful processor to be used on Android flagship phones. Except for LG’s G6, all big budget flagships run the processors to make sure that performance is top notch and power efficiency is as good as possible. Well, it looks like Google’s upcoming Pixel 2 will be the first phone to run on Snapdragon 836, SD 835’s successor.

Leaked image of Google Pixel 2 | Credit: Android Authority

Leaked image of Google Pixel 2 | Credit: Android Authority

Android Headlines recently reported that Google is working with Qualcomm to get Snapdragon 836 SoC on its upcoming Pixel phones. The 836 will have similar hardware to 835, but it will have a bit higher CPU and GPU clock speeds, the processor will be based on 10 nm fabrication process with eight Kryo 280 cores that will be clocked at 2.45 GHz. SD 836 will also have Adreno 540 GU for smooth graphics performance.

Before the Pixel 2, some leaks suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will be the first phone to come out with Snapdragon’s 836 SoC, now that August Launch of Note 8 is a bit too near, Google has time to work and put 836 on Pixel 2.

Recent leaks about Pixel 2 have suggested that Google is also going with a nearly bezel-less design and it will have an always on display that has been a staple of Moto’s smartphones that come with AMOLED displays. The Pixel is also said to have a squeezable frame just like HTC’s latest U11.

Now that work on Android 8 is almost done, Google seems to be working hard on bringing Pixel’s successors to market as soon as possible.

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