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Google is Killing Project Tango, Here is Everything You Need To Know

In case you missed, Project Tango is an augmented reality project which was Google’s first attempt at making AR a mainstream thing. To get the project going, Google partnered with makers and launched some phone, the first of which was Asus Zenphone AR which came with a massive battery and a huge screen paired with 8 GB of RAM.

Well, after running the project for almost a year, Googles’s tango team announced that they will be shutting down the project Tango.

There is no doubt that Google poured a lot of money into making products in under Tango project, but as Apple did with iPhone X, it is possible to do a good job at AR without adding too many specialized sensors to the phone.

Google shutting down Tango is not that surprising, the search giant already has invested many resources into another Augmented Reality related project called ARCore, because ARCore does not require specialized hardware, chances of it getting better adoption are far better compared to what Tango had. Still, if you are one of the people to buy a phone based on Project Tango, it is a bad news for you.

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