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Galaxy S9 Users Are Reporting Serious Touchscreen Issues

While Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus started performing good in the market after their launch in the MWC 2018. It looks like all is not going well for Samsung. As some users reported, some Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets have a display defect that means touches are not detected.

As many users reported, it looks like the problem does not affect the entire display, instead, there are some affected portions of the display called “Dead Zones” which are affected. In these areas, taps and swipes are not registered which simply means any button or link underneath the area is inaccessible.

Obviously, if the dead zone is in an often used area such as the back button or notification tray, it may get really annoying for the users.

While increasing display sensitivity may be helpful in reducing the issue in some phones, it is definitely an issue Samsung may want to fix as soon as possible. In case you have faced a similar problem with your unit, you should probably contact Samsung’s customer support for a device replacement or a repair instead of waiting for a fix because it looks like the problem may not be fixable with a software update.

Considering Galaxy Note 8 had users reporting about its battery performance, Samsung definitely won’t want this problem to increase.

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