Here is Everything You Wanted To Know About Deep Web And Tor

Tor and Deep web have never been more relevant than today, we have touched the matter of privacy in Windows 10 and talked about dark web before. Today let’s take a look at what Tor is and how to use it in the infographic below which was made by the folks at WIHT.

Click on the infographic to see in enlarged.


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Saurabh Tripathi

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  1. George says:

    I personally wouldn’t use the Tor browser on Windows 10 for obvious reasons. It’s much easier to just load the Tail OS from an optical disk and go with that.

    It’s not like I’m performing any illegal activities. But, when on the deep web, it’s pretty easy to fall on a website that you weren’t intending to go to. Mostly by automatic re directions and accidental clicks on pop ups.

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