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Here is Everything We Know About The Upcoming iPhone 8

The new child of the royal family is on its way. This is the eighth one. Yes, we are talking about iPhone 8, that is to launch in September. Unlike others, Apple had frowned on leaks sufficiently to keep the market in curiosity. There is lesser stuff known about iPhone 8 than all other major announcements like of Red Hydrogen or The Essential Phone. On the other hand, Apple is more predictable than anyone else. Like the previous announcement dates, a similar story seems coming this year around 12 or 13 September. The launch date, however, may drift a little here and there.

Source: YouTube

Nonetheless, there still are things to ponder if you are willing to update your Apple device or switch from Android/Windows. Firstly, it’s three variants in iPhone 8 series, unlike two variants in previous occasions.

So there’ll be three iPhones: likes of the 8s and 8s Plus, titled as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Edition as expected – and then another sibling with a greater price supposedly titled as iPhone 8 Pro. Every possible feature rumored till now is going to be a part of iPhone 8 pro including depth-sensing cameras, an entirely new display technology, a screen that wraps all the way around the front and much more to surprise.

A leaked photo of display assembly

Most of those features are revealed by Apple when it mistakenly published the software for its new phone publicly be it its design, its lack of a home-button, and its facial recognition features. The new iPhones will also have a taller aspect ratio for the screen and the phones will have significantly smaller bezels compared to older phones.

It will be more expensive too, costing as much as $1200 or more for the most expensive model. And the iPhone events are a couple of weeks into September, around the Labor Day weekend, kind of patronizing the working class.

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