Everything We Know About RED Hydrogen, The Crazy Phone Everyone is Talking About

RED is an eminent name among video cameras that have defined the transformation from films to the digital world. But that has been company’s craft in another universe, now RED has come up with a new business and that begins with its first Android phone appropriately called RED Hydrogen. This phone has a high potential to become the next most awaited event of the tech world, for now, YouTuber MKBHD got his hands on some prototypes that show how the phone will be built and how its modules and other features will work.

The phone looks very similar to original photos released by RED a few days ago in the launch document. Its design gives a very different appeal compared to most phones in market as it gives a mechanical impression instead of glassy, metallic or carbon type. The phone has a dual camera on its rear body that is separated in an upper and a lower panel. The camera does not seem to hide its being. It has a red circle of design that has focus marks making it a one-sight catchy gadget to go with. Lower panel has a logo of company and Moto-like pins for modular accessaries.

Sides of this large phone will have notches to make it easy to grip for professional video makers. In fact this will be a unique first device to push itself as a replacement to a high end professional video camera, much like phones replaced walkman in an early era and kindle did books. There is a dedicated Record button on the phone and in the back, there is a dedicated surface to allow connectivity to mods just like recently launch Moto Z2 Force.

Along with those videography faculties, Hydrogen has a stereo set up for speakers, a 5.7 inch holographic display that brags to show content in three dimensions, and USB type C for charging. As RED has announced more revelation during next 30-45 days, there is going be high hype in phone industry with the commencement of these phones.

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