Even Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Uses Android Phone Now

Windows Phone has had its share of problems in past that stopped the OS to become more popular in the market. Microsoft had attempted to win a long battle to find a considerable margin of Windows Phone users to give mobile OS a boost that could have it again in the market. However, MS didn’t maniacally seek that path only. During past few years, Microsoft has also been busy in setting itself as a top-notch software provider. We even have a list of some of the best Microsoft made Android Apps.

During Satya Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft has brought its most popular software to both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. Microsoft’s former CEO Bill Gates seems satisfied with this route as he recently shared that he is now using an Android smartphone with lots of Microsoft software on board.

In an interview with Fox News, Bill Gates said, “It’s great that Apple is continuing to good work [after Steve Jobs]. I happen to use all Windows-based PCs. The phone that I have recently, I actually did switch to an Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software, but the competition in software and IT space that Steve [Jobs] help foster, is phenomenal and Microsoft is a big part of that.”

Bill Gates didn’t reveal the Android handset that he is using. However, the reference to “lot of Microsoft software” may imply he is talking about the Microsoft edition of either Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, launched in April. Those phones are heavily customized to sync with Microsoft productivity tools on PC and the Microsoft-customised version comes with the Redmond-based company’s applications such as Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and more.

“No, no iPhone” when the interviewer asked him if he is using the iPhone. While Gates might not be using an iPhone, he does compliment Apple and Steve Jobs for their achievements. Though to use Android and reveal it in Interview means something that MS is leading towards.

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