January 19, 2018

Download The Android One launcher (With Working Google Feed) For Your Phone

In case you missed it, Android One is a new Google project that is centered around making A more lightweight version of Android that will be snappy and responsive even on less powerful hardware. While Google doesn’t officially provide Android One’s Launcher on Play Store, a developer recently modified the launcher and made it possible to install on non-Android One phones.

The launcher itself is very similar to Google Pixel 2 Launcher and it borrows many features from that too. The icon style is a bit different and interestingly, it has support for Google Now panel, something that Google announced to Kill with its Google Now Launcher. 

If you are craving for a simple stock-like Android interface without any Ads and added bloat, you may want to give the app a go. You can download the APK file here but make sure that you are not on a phone with Pixel Launcher.

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Saurabh Tripathi

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