Some More Details About Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak

Now that Galaxy Note 9 is on sale in the market, Samsung is working hard on developing the next Galaxy Phone, the Galaxy S9. We heard Galaxy S9 may have iPhone X styled Face ID feature, but it was all in vain. A Recent patent filed by Samsung reveals that a front-facing fingerprint scanner is going to be there in the smartphone.

The patent is filed with KIPRIS, which is South Korea’s trademarking organization.

This information also reveals that Samsung is planning on building a small recess aka notch, in the lower part of Galaxy S9. this is the part that will keep the fingerprint reader. For some, it may look beautiful and for other ugly. however, it is a bit odd when most phones are going for a neat and clean design all over the world and the race is to removes and bring the fingerprint sensor in the touchscreen itself, which is already attained by some phones.

Concept image

Earlier we had home buttons but now with full view display trend, it is not feasible to place the finger scanner under the display, and Samsung has opted for this weird alternative. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, will certainly upset many consumers with its awkward design. We have seen reports that Galaxy Note 9 may come with a fingerprint sensor under the display, but it looks like Galaxy S9 won’t come with that when it is launched early in 2018.

Samsung is to be working on its own 3D image mapping sensors. So we can forget the Apple-like face-ID feature for now. It also makes sure that Apple will keep leading ahead of Samsung in the race of aesthetics.

However, 3D recognition is an innovative move as it is coming with a TrueDepth camera with a dot projector. Technically it will have 30,000 invisible dots for creating a depth map of a user’s face. Yet, in term of aesthetics, Samsung seems to make a step backward.

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