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Data Suggests Apple Slows Down Old iPhones With Weak Batteries

According to a data study conducted by Geekbentch, Apple has allegedly made changes to its iOS that it deliberately scales down the performance of older iPhone models as their batteries degrade beyond a certain specification.

The company detailed its findings in a blog post where they analyzed scores of iPhone 6s running the 10.2.1 version of iOS. These scores show that beyond a certain point in the battery wear, the scores cluster.

This change is because of a minor software update and it suggests that Apple has done it knowingly to reduce the performance of some phones. The same effect is more impactful on 11.2 version of iOS. Apart from iPhone 6S. Data gathering on iPhone 7 also yielded similar results.

The investigation was started by a Reddit user who claimed that his iPhone 6S was running frustratingly slow and the problem went away after replacing the battery of his phone. The user ran Geekbentch before and after replacing the battery and he found that the scores were drastically after replacing the battery which shouldn’t have. The original battery was not too weak either -just 20% wear.

This is not the first time someone has said that Apple intentionally slows down iPhones but it is one of the first time that the claims are backed by strong evidendce. At the time of writing, Apple has not made any comment regarding the matter, but I will update the post if we find any new information.

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