Is Sleeping Next To Your Phone Dangerous?

Ever since the concept of wireless phones came into existence, folks have been trying to find if they can be harmful to human body. Nowadays, many people use their phone before sleeping and most of them keep their phones next to their head or under the pillow while they sleep. If you have are one of the people and you have been wondering if it can be dangerous to your health, the short answer is no. No research has thoroughly proven that sleeping next to a phone can cause cancer or any other damage to human body.

Is Sleeping Next To Your Phone Dangerous?

Here is a details answer to the question that Toxicologist Renee Hartsook answered on Quora:

First, let’s understand the facts about mobile devices and this perception of risk of harm:

  • The type of energy emitted from mobile devices is radiofrequency and it does not have the ability to damage to DNA like ionizing radiation (such as an x-ray).
  • Several large epidemiology studies were conducted on mobile phone use and the risk of central nervous system cancers. The studies do not establish an association between mobile device use and the risk of central nervous system cancers.
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, is the predominant public health authority on identifying and labeling carcinogens as such. Their working group concluded that it was possible that radiofrequency exposure from mobile devices is associated with cancer risk.

However, all of US health agencies (Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) make strong statements for mobile device safety and find no link between radiofrequency energy and cancer risk.

The National Cancer Institute has created a great fact sheet on this topic.

Bottom line: As a toxicologist do I believe that there is a risk? No.

That said, common sense is a good thing. I would not advocate sleeping with your phone next to your head, primarily because you will benefit from uninterrupted sleep.

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Why Do People Comment Dots (.) On Facebook?

A Getting Geek Subscriber asked us about why someone would comment a Dot on a Facebook post, we explain why people do it.

Social Media is an ever changing thing and many times, you may not be able to keep up with it completely. New acronyms are made daily and people keep finding new ways to use social networks.

Recently, a Getting Geek Subscriber Kristy Miller asked me about why someone would comment a Dot on a Facebook post.

Hi Saurabh,

Hope that you are Having a good day.

I recently saw a few times that people on Facebook are commenting Dots (.) on post. Why would anyone what to do this, because I can’t think how will it add value to the post? Is there a hidden meaning.

I did not ask on the comments as I thought someone may think that I am noob.

Thanks, Kristy

Well, Actually the reason for typing a Dot in a comments is really simple. If anyone other comments on the post, you will be notified.

Facebook’s news feed keeps updating constantly and it becomes hard to keep an eye on comments on a post, and after you have commented on a post, Facebook notfies you if someone has commented on the same posts.

I don’t really think that it is the best way to keep an eye on the post as Commenting Following is a better (and Polite) idea.

But, this is internet and people don’t want to waste time. If you use sites like 9Gag, you would have known as people comment Dots often on the posts.

However, there is a better way too keep up with the comments on a post. You can simple click on a downwards arrow at the top right area of the post and then click on Enable Notifications on this post.

After you have done that, you will be notified about all events to the posts.

Do you have a question too?

If you have any question but you are too afraid to ask to people directly, drop it here. I will do my best in answering it.