Using Firefox? Update it ASAP

Mozilla has urged all users of Firefox to update to latest version  in an blog post on 6th August. A serious exploit has been reported by user that searches for [su_pullquote align=”right”]If you are using Firefox to browse the web, you probably should update it as soon as possible.[/su_pullquote]sensitive files and then uploads them to a server located in Ukraine. according to Mozilla the problem was with browser’s built-in PDF viewer, so any user running Mozilla Versions without the built-in PDF support ( Firefox for Android ) won’t have any security thereat.

Further More Mozilla has also said that Only Windows and Linux version were under risk and Mac OS X versions were not the targets at this particular time.

The vulnerability does not enable the execution of arbitrary code but the exploit was able to inject a JavaScript payload into the local file context. This allowed it to search for and upload potentially sensitive local files.

Users with Ad-Blockers may be safe

As the exploit was served through an advertisement in an Russian news website, users who had an ad-blocker are safe -hoping that the ad was blocked.

People who use ad-blocking software may have been protected from this exploit depending on the software and specific filters being used.

In the blog post Mozilla’s Daniel Veditz cleared that the exploit did not leave any trace in Local computer.

Mozilla has already made a patch available, that can be installed right now. Mozilla is also urging all the firefox users to upgrade their browser to the latest version 39.0.3.

Image Credit: Mozilla in Europe on Flickr

Apple Music is now live

Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service is now live. It was first announced in WWDC June 2015.
It will compete with Spotify , Tidal and other major streaming services. Currently the Apple Music app is only available for iOS users and apple has said that an Android version of app will be launched in fall.
Apple has not launched the app on its apple app store. Instead it will automatically be installed with iOS 8.4. Users, who wish to use the app can upgrade the iOS. iTunes for Mac and Windows is also supporting the streaming service.

Apple Music has a radio station named Beats 1 and also a blog like platform for artists to connect with their fans. Taylor Swift’s album 1989 is available for streaming on the services , which is not available on other streaming services such as Spotify. There is also a For You Tab on the app that recommends you songs based on your taste. Just like other streaming services users can save tracks for offline playing.

Pricing and Trials

Apple Music does not include any free ad-supported tier. The Service costs $9.99 Per Month and users can pay $15 for a family plan which covers 5 users. Apple Music is available for a free 3 month trial. Even after the trial is expired, users can stream Beats 1 Radio and can use Connect.
It will be interesting to see how much impact does Apple Music Makes on Streaming industry, Apple has made victories with iTunes in past, but now the competition is stiff.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook

The recently launched apple Macbook may be futuristic with USB C Ports, but We have found some reasons why you may not like the new Apple MacBook laptop.

Before I get to the new Apple MacBook, Let me clarify one thing –I am not an apple hater and also I am not a Microsoft fan boy. in my previous articles I have pointed out what according to me Microsoft is doing wrong. You may or may not agree with me on all the things I am saying here.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook


On a recent event apple launched its new MacBook, apple’s flagship laptop. It costs a whopping $1299 and has many new features: a more comfortable keyboard with wider keys, better battery life. Completely redesigned outer shell are to name a few. The new MacBook is notably a lot thinner piece of hardware then the earlier MacBook and the new MacBook looks a lot classier than its predecessors.

The change you may find really hard to digest is the addition of a new USB type C connecter and the removal of all other ports form the laptop. Yes-for those who don’t are not informed of that – The new MacBook lacks power port, a display port, and Ethernet port even normal USB ports. In place of keeping these ports apple desired to add a new USB C type port and remove all the other ports form the laptop. The results? The new MacBook is a lot thinner and looks a lot better, but it is the point where things may go wrong. Is looking cool all that matters? What about usability and flexibility, the USB C type port is not even compatible with older USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports. Just to make the device pretty it is not good to drop important ports. On that price you can’t even add two USB Disks at once. Dropping an Optical Disk drive is OK now a days also I do agree that we don’t always need to have a VGA port on laptops now, but removing all other ports and giving only one USB port is bad … really bad for me.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook

Honestly, if USB C port was introduced in iPad or iPhone that will be a welcomed and loved that feature. MacBook are supposed to be a perfect powerhouse where we can serve our other devises –can charge them, backup them, even diagnose them. If you’re MacBook will have to run for external help just to add more than one USB that will be awkward. Some users who live most of their digital life just under a Web browser maybe can live with that; but not everyone. For some of us lives who carry a USB Flash disk on our pocket, use USB gaming headphones or use external mouse, it is a big bummer. I personally think that apple could at least add a few USB C type ports so that at least we could not be complain about lack of connectivity ports. If it is going to be the future of Laptops, I am going to stick with my current laptop for a few more years.

To remove the annoyance apple has presented a compromise – you can add an adapter to add other peripherals to the laptop.  At first the idea sounds OK, but thinking beyond that you may realize that it is quite annoying. You will have to buy adapters to plug an external displays. Even when going anywhere we will have to carry that adapter.

Look at a situation: If you are running out of battery you can plug the charger in USB port and can continue to work, that sounds good. What if you are listening music from A USB pen drive attached to the ONLY USB Port? Thinking ahead what if you want to take printout of a word document from a Pen drive. You will have to copy the document to your local storage and then you will attach the printer to the only USB port or you will have to attach an adapter on MacBook and then add both the things to that. Currently there are chances you can do the task at once. I personally find that hard to speak as an upgrade.

Also apple is not giving you a single adapter free. Instead you will have to shell cash for that (Hint: they are not cheap either).

And about the competition

Recently, just after Apple launched the MacBook, Google launched its Chromebook Pixel. Pricing $999 the chromebook packs 8GB RAM and 2 USB type C ports also 2 USB ports. That is much better than the MacBook. We always will have the ability to add more than one device on Chromebook.

Wireless computing may be the future, but don’t folks at apple think that taking these kind of steps is too futuristic.