WhatsApp Does Down As The World Ushers in 2018

It looks like the beginning of 2018 could have been better for WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook Inc. Just a few minutes after the world entered 2018, the company server stopped responding.


The server errors are due to the high amount of messages (probably) wishing for a happy new year to friends and families.  A spokesman for the company said in a statement. “WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved” after the problem was fixed after more than an hour.

India is the biggest market for WhatsApp as in the country, WhatsApp is used by more than 200 million users. However, the problem was not limited to the country as users from other countries including the US also complained on the social media.

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8 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking That You Should Know About

Windows CMD packs many commands that a hacker should know. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best CMD commands used in hacking.

Learning to hack needs a user to have good knowledge of tools and options related to networking and understanding how most things related to networking and internet actually work. While Windows CMD is not the most powerful command terminal, it packs many commands that an aspiring ethical hacker should know. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best CMD commands used in hacking.

Keep in mind that after learning these commands, I am not claiming that you will become a hacker, instead, you will have a better knowledge of networking tools and terms that will help you in learning to become a good hacker. After all, I don’t want you to become a script kiddie.

Before we start taking a look at best CMD commands used in hacking, you will need to open the Windows Command Prompt with administrator privileges first. To do this, make sure that you are using an Administrator Windows profile and search for “cmd.exe” in the Start Menu.

Next right click on the first result and select Run as Administrator.

Now that Command Prompt is ready, we can take a look at some hacking commands for CMD.

Launching Command prompt with administrator privileges
Launching Command prompt with administrator privileges



nslookup is a command that can find you the IP address of any website. For example, to get the IP address of Microsoft.com, you will have to enter the following in the CMD prompt:

nslookup www.microsoft.com

Aside from domain names of a website, nslookup can be used to find the IP address of an email server too, for example, to get the IP address of example.com, you will have to enter the following:

nslookup (press enter)

set type=mx (press enter)

example.com (press enter)

Once you have entered the above in the command prompt, you should see the IP address of website’s mail server on your screen.


One of the most common CMD command used in hacking, Ping simply checks if your computer can reach a specified computer or not. It works by sending an ICMP echo request to the destination computer. If there is no response from ping or there is an error, it is likely that either the destination computer is offline/malfunctioned or there is some problem with your network.

To use ping in the command prompt you use the following syntax:

Ping x.x.x.x

Here, x.x.x.x is the IP address of destination computer. This can also be replaced with a domain name, such as

Ping www.example.com


It is one of the best CMD commands used in hacking. IPconfig shows you important information about your computer and your network, including DNS in use, your IP address, and your gateway etc.


Also, if you are using a dynamic IP address, you can change your IP address with following commands:




Route is an important command that shows you a routing table, gateway interfaces, and other important metrics. To see the routing table, enter the following in your command prompt:

route print


tracert command lets you know how a packet will reach its destination. In addition to letting you know the hops, tracert also shows you exactly how much time it took at every hop when reaching the destination IP address. For example, to see the hop table of an IP address enter the following:

tracert x.x.x.x

If you don’t know the IP address of destination website, you can also use its domain name.

tracert example.com


The arp command lets you simply know the arp table. Using ARP command you can also detect if someone has poisoned your LAN. To get the ARP table, you should enter the following in the command prompt and then press enter key:

arp -a


Netstat is useful in knowing some crucial information about your connection. With netstat, you can easily get your listening ports, open connections, and information above all available sharing folders. To get different types of stats, all you have to do is a use a different switch, for example:

netstat -a

will show you a list of all listening ports.

netstat -n

The above shows you a list of all open connections and the IP addresses.

To get all information at once, just use the switch -an with the command.

Netstat -an

net user

Windows PCs have the ability to let every user have a different user account with their personal folders, application data, and wallpapers. Net user command on CMD prompt lets you make changes to any account as long as you know their passwords. Additionally, net user lets you create and remove user accounts too. For example, to delete a user, you will have to enter the following:

net user (username) /delete

Do you know About other DOS commands used in Hacking?

Aside from some of these best CMD commands used in hacking, do you know about any other command that may come in handy for people learning to hack? share with us in the comments below…

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The Easy Guide To Unblock YouTube At School, Office or University (For Free)

Want to access YouTube at your school? Let’s discuss some of the easiest ways to unblock YouTube at school, college and at the university for free.

Access to YouTube at your school may be blocked for any reason, many schools just block all outgoing traffic to unknown websites, many places will block access to YouTube because they think it could be a productivity killer. While it is no doubt that any website on the Internet can be a productivity killer, YouTube does have a lot of educational content, including tutorials, how-tos, and explanations. If you want to access YouTube at your school, unblocking it should be fairly easy, read on and we will discuss some of the easiest ways to unblock YouTube at school, college or at university without spending money on buying software or mobile apps.

Adding HTTPS on the address

Before digging into other techniques of getting YouTube to work, give this a shot: on the address bar, use HTTPS instead of HTTP when you enter the YouTube’s website address. While it may not work on all schools, many institutions block access to an insecure website. Using HTTPS makes sure that you are connecting to the SSL version of YouTube which may be enough to let you watch YouTube at school.

Unblocking YouTube at School: The VPN way

VPN is probably the best way to access YouTube at school. Not only you will be able to access YouTube, it will also tunnel all of your data, making it very difficult for ISPs to track what website you are visiting. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it definitely is the best way to unblock YouTube at school.

The market is full of VPN providers which offer their services for free or with a monthly fee. If you don’t want to shell out cash, in my opinion, the best free option is using Opera Browser. Opera comes with built-in free VPN services. Unlike other free VPN’s Opera does not have a daily data limit and it won’t inject ads into your YouTube experience.

Using Opera VPN to access YouTube
Using Opera VPN to access YouTube

To access YouTube at school, just download Opera from here. Install the app,  Open it and click on the VPN button on the left side of the address bar.

Apart from Opera, there are tons of good VPNs available, including:

  • TunnelBear VPN: Good service, it has a limited free tier. You will have to upgrade to a paid tier if you use a lot of YouTube.
  • Hotspot Shield: With Ads, this VPN offers a free experience. Keep in mind that they may keep a log of your browsing activity on the free tier.
  • ExpressVPN: It’s a paid VPN, but the service is fast and prices are reasonable. ExpressVPN does not track your browsing activities.

Just for watching YouTube at school, I think Opera’s free built-in VPN should be more than enough though and it has an Ad-Blocker built in too.

Using Proxy Websites

If you don’t want to install any app or extension and using HTTPS is also not working, using Proxy Web Addresses should be the way to go. With this method, all of your data is sent and received by your browser is passed through a proxy web address which should let you unblock YouTube at school. To change your Proxy Web Address, simply do the following:
First, you will have to find a proxy address to use, you can browse this website or search on the internet for free proxy addresses.

  • Once you have a Proxy Address, on Chrome open the menu and then Click on Settings.
  • Under settings, click on Advanced to get to proxy options.
  • Now, under System, click on Open Proxy Settings.
  • Under Connections tab, click on LAN settings.
  • On the next dialog, enable “Use a Proxy server for your LAN”
  • Enter the Address and Port number you have got from the internet.
  • Click on OK.
Using Proxy Web Addresses to access YouTube at school
Using Proxy Web Addresses to access YouTube at school

If a proxy address does not work, you can always try other address. To disable a proxy, just uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN in the dialog box.

Just Download the video Locally

In case changing proxy is not your cup of tea and you don’t want to install apps on your school computer, you can simply download YouTube videos locally, We covered some of the best ways for downloading YouTube videos that you can check out. Otherwise, you can find the video via searching for the topic on Google and then clicking on the Videos tab just below the search box.

Then copy the video address and enter it on an online video downloading site such as KeepVid or Savefrom.net

Unblocking YouTube With TOR

TOR can be used to unblock YouTube at school

TOR is a very secure Mozilla Firefox-based web browser, which lets you browse the web anonymously. It can easily unblock any website that your School or college may have blocked access to. TOR also hides your IP address so it becomes very tough to see and track your browsing data. TOR is free to use and it will definitely let you browse and watch YouTube at your school or university.

Using Proxy Websites

Using Proxy Sites is one of the popular ways of getting around internet restrictions on schools and offices. While Proxy sites are not as private as using a VPN service, these don’t need you to install any browser extension and most of them are very easy to use. Proxy Websites have an address bar on them where you can enter the web address of the site (which will be youtube.com in your case). Once you have pressed enter, the website will be opened in a new tab with a proxy address.

Here are some popular Proxy Websites:

  • Kproxy.com
  • Hide.me

One of the major problems with Proxy Sites is that most of the inject unreasonable number of ads within web pages, to get around this, you can always use an ad blocker or a web browser that has built-in ad blocking features such as Opera or Brave.

How Do You Unblock YouTube at School?

Well, I have always used Opera’s built-in VPN to access YouTube at my college. How do you get YouTube at your institution? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here is Everything You Wanted To Know About Deep Web And Tor

Tor and Deep web have never been more relevant than today, we have touched the matter of privacy in Windows 10 and talked about dark web before. Today let’s take a look at what Tor is and how to use it in the infographic below which was made by the folks at WIHT.

Click on the infographic to see in enlarged.


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Google Just Added An Ad-Blocker on The Latest Chrome Version

Google had been implying an inclusion of ad-blocking facilities on Chrome browser on mobile and desktop from April. In June, it officially announced a Coalition for Better Ads to improve online advertising. From then a waiting has begun to see those strategies in action. And seemingly a spotting of Chrome’s Canary browser has brought new light to this facet of Google, a company whose primary power is the advertisement industry.

Credit: TechCrunch

The ad-blocking feature was first found by a blogger named Carsten Knobloch. Soon it was confirmed by TechCrunch. The ad-blocking option was seen inside the ‘All Sites’ settings inside Google’s experimental Chrome Canary for Android. Under the Site settings, a sub-setting called ‘Ads’ is found. Toggling this will turn ad-blocking on/ off. Still, considering Googles respect for advertising, you must not expect a rude firewall like of Adblock Plus or so. It is clear that it will ‘block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads.’ But, we could not find this option in the Google Chrome Canary app.

Google, however, told Engadget that the ad-blocker was “part of our general approach of running experiments to test possible features that could provide users with the best experience on Chrome.” As for now, the feature is not included in stable Chrome builds on both mobile and desktop for now. Google might actually bring this feature in 2018.l only.

Google way will surely offend huge market powers that dominate digital advertising space. Nonetheless maybe that Google is giving those firms and other advertisers some time to review their own advertising practices, becoming a favourer of consumer rights. Considering Chrome is among the most popular web browsers in the market, Google’s step is definitely interesting.

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Planning To Watch Pirated Game of Thrones? HBO is coming

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV Program to date, as the series has started to grow, Pirates have started to become a big problem for HBO. The show is already one of the most pirated shows in the world and it is no surprise that HBO takes loses a lot of money because of it. The company has started cracking down on pirates and pirating networking that includes torrenting websites and file sharing services that share GoT content.

Torrent Freak reported that HBO has actively started discussing ISP’s and sending notices to individual pirating the show. It is surely going to target those sites which are broadcasting pirated content. HBO has already taken this step during Game of Thrones Season 6. Now it is being more serious about Season 7 because premiere episode has the highest number of viewers for the show to date.

HBO has collaborated with IP Echelon to take this step. Just after the first episode, HBO has announced thousands warning against piracy and duplicity.  Many links of pirated version which claims to broadcast Episode 01 of Season 07 have been demolished.

Game of Thrones series is popular all over the globe. However, HBO is now targeting US pirating websites but it is soon going to target ISPs all over the world.

This kind of crackdown on the internet is not shocking as it is not happening the first time. There is another content streaming player like Netflix who has targeted website using VPNs to access the content.

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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs : Everything You May Want to Know

There is no doubt that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are 2 the biggest CS visionaries in recent years. One is known for making the PC accessible to almost everyone and the other is behind iPhones. Following is an infographic that compares both of them with respect to their contribution, wealth and their products among other things.

Click on the infographic below to enlarge.


Bonus: Here is the ERB Music video about bill gates, it may contain some cursing, but I found it funny to listen to.

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WhatsApp Policies Are Not As Secure As You Think: Report

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on both major mobile platforms, iOS, and Android. Facebook, who now owns the said messaging client, has worked a lot in recent years to increase the privacy and security of the app and we have also covered some tips to make WhatsApp more secure for you.

But it looks like WhatsApp’s policies are not as safe as they can be, which was revealed by Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF said in a report titled “Who has your back” that WhatsApp policies are too weak to protect users from governments.

“WhatsApp does not explicitly state that it prohibits third-party access to its user data, nor does it say that third parties are prohibited from allowing WhatsApp user data to be used for surveillance purposes,”  and “Our reading of WhatsApp’s public-facing policies would not prohibit it from sharing data to be used for surveillance,” the EFF report wrote about the messaging service.


Alongside with WhatsApp, the company prepared reports about many other companies, among them, Adobe, Dropbox, Uber, WordPress, Pinterest and some others did earn good marks and praise for their user privacy centric policy. Two biggest disappointments were Amazon and WhatsApp. both scored poor marks and were deemed not consumer privacy centric.

“This information is a magnet for governments seeking to surveil citizens, journalists, and activists. When governments do so, they need to follow the law, and users are increasingly demanding that companies holding their data enact the toughest policies to protect customer information,” said EFF Activism Director Rainey Reitman.

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Here is Why Google is Asking Users to Identify Themselves On Photos

Google photos is among the most popular apps in Goggle’s ecosystem. The app has crossed 1 billion users recently, quite a huge number of fan following. So now Google’s continuous innovation instinct has brought a new facet to the diversity of tasks that Goggle photos can perform, though you are already accustomed to it in a limited sense while you use tagging feature on Facebook and other social networking sites.

This is called suggesting sharing. As Goggle continuously use machine learning to identify you and your mates in the pictures you upload, now you will find a pop-up when visiting at photos.google.com. This pop-up leads you to identify yourself in photos, and as your mates will do the same in their photos, a suggestion for sharing the photos with people in the picture will make it a one-click task to get photos available to all of them.

In other words, now whenever you take a group picture in your college fest or office lobby you do not need to do the hectic task of sending photos to everyone via WhatsApp or mail, instead Google will itself identify everyone in the picture and offer you to share the picture, so you are done within seconds. After recently adding the archive feature that helps you keep your pictures archived for later use, suggested sharing is the new big improvement in Goggle photos that is about to be available across the devices anytime soon.

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Get Ready, uTorrent Will Soon Be Completely Browser-Based

uTorrent is one of the most famous torrent site with around 150 million users. Most of its best features came with an update five years ago. Since then it’s growth has stopped and is almost non existent.

However, founder Brahm Cohen, according to Torrent freak, has promised that this will change. He said that the company was going through some tough times after it hired outsiders to run the company. By this he means the cousins Bob Delamar and Jeremy Johnson, who became co-CEOs of BitTorrent and aimed to turn the client into “the next Netflix.” but all they could do is burn millions by implementing hair brained scheme and driving the company to bankruptcy.

The cousins also bailed on a browser project, Maelstrom, which had the potential to kick start the torrents-in-a-browser project years earlier. According to Cohen:

“What came of Maelstrom is that Jeremy just decided not to ship Maelstrom because he thought he had some genius idea that would be so much better. And he is so utterly incompetent at doing product he couldn’t even put together an actual product out of it and just killed the whole project.”

Cohen was very adamant when he spoke of the future of torrent as browser based application. The difference being that it won’t be it’s own browser but the browser you are currently using.

uTorrent’s shift to the browser will make it more accessible especially for those who are less tech savvy and had refrain from using it. It will also allow the company to continue its in-client advertising focus. This can also be a step in the right direction for the streaming service that has been functional but stagnant for some time now. Building on proven frameworks and ever-updated browsers allows uTorrent to roll out features much faster, and at less expense than its own client.

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