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What is Home Automation and How Do I Get Started?

According to 12vactuators.com, linear actuators played a critical role in revolutionizing technology, especially regarding home automation. Home automation entails installing a system in homes that controls various functions and activities in the home via user defined inputs. In home automation systems, the home’s electrical devices

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Home Automation Technology Transforming The Interiors

Home automation technology has attracted a lot of creative and techie mindset hence allowing the homeowners to transform their interiors as desired. People are now able to control the things and activities in their homes by automating them to once preference. PLC controls are the

Evolution of computer science

How Has Computer Science Evolved Over Time?

Technology is one of the things that are progressing every day and every moment. What could not be imagined a few years ago in computing, is now possible and there are no signs of all this slowing dow in future. So, let’s take a look at

6 Simplenote Tips and Tricks You Should Know

We recently reviewed Simplenote; it is a great minimal note taking application that is perfect for people who just wants a straight forward tool to jot down text wherever they are and whatever they are doing. While The UI of Web Apps, Mobile Apps (or