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google offline search

Google App for Android Now Supports ‘Offline Search’

Having a proper network coverage everywhere is one of the biggest challenges for road warriors, especially in developing countries such as India. In its effort of making internet searches easier for people who have a crappy network connection, the search giant today revealed a new feature specifically for

evolution of android infographic

How Has Android Evolved Since It’s Birth

Ever since the Android OS was launched, Google and Android community has continuously been working to improve the operating system. The UI has been enhanced; security has been beefed, and new features have been added to keep the Smartphone-centric OS relevant and useful. Folks at TopAppCreators

moto g5 leaked

Lenovo Will Launch Moto G5 and G5 Plus Next Month

While Moto G5 and G5 Plus have leaked with images in the past, no one expected that Lenovo would be launching the phones this soon. Today, Cnet reported that the company would likely introduce the new phone at an event at Mobile World Congress next

nokia 6 launch

Here is How Much Nokia 6 Will Cost

Nokia 6 was launched recently, marking the company’s jump into the Android Smartphone industry and rebirth of one of the most iconic brands in technology. Today, we have some more details about the pricing of the phone and also abut Nokia’s other plans about Smartphones. Nokia announced