The Upcoming Galaxy Note 9 Has Leaked, And it Looks Good

If you are in the smartphone industry, leaks are inevitable. Right after Samsung was done launching the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Corners of the internet have started talking about the Galaxy Note 9 which should be months away from now.

As ibtimes covered in its report. Samsung’s next Note device should be launching within this years third quarter. The phone will likely come with a 6.3-inch display and will probably be curved on the sides just like the current Note flagship. Apart from that, the phone is also expected to come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

It will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is also the SoC used on current Samsung flagships. Apart from that, the company will ship the phone with 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of Internal storage.

One of the more interesting spec bumps will be in the battery department as the phone will come with 4000 mAh which is plenty more than current Galaxy lineup phones. 

In the camera, you can expect the company to stick with Galaxy S9’s dual aperture system as it has been doing well in tests.

The phone launch will likely be happening in the August of 2018 and considering Samsung’s pricing tactics, the phone should cost anywhere around $900 to $1000.

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Galaxy S9 Users Are Reporting Serious Touchscreen Issues

While Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus started performing good in the market after their launch in the MWC 2018. It looks like all is not going well for Samsung. As some users reported, some Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets have a display defect that means touches are not detected.

As many users reported, it looks like the problem does not affect the entire display, instead, there are some affected portions of the display called “Dead Zones” which are affected. In these areas, taps and swipes are not registered which simply means any button or link underneath the area is inaccessible.

Obviously, if the dead zone is in an often used area such as the back button or notification tray, it may get really annoying for the users.

While increasing display sensitivity may be helpful in reducing the issue in some phones, it is definitely an issue Samsung may want to fix as soon as possible. In case you have faced a similar problem with your unit, you should probably contact Samsung’s customer support for a device replacement or a repair instead of waiting for a fix because it looks like the problem may not be fixable with a software update.

Considering Galaxy Note 8 had users reporting about its battery performance, Samsung definitely won’t want this problem to increase.

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Get Ready: OnePlus 6 Might Be The Most Expensive Phone From The Company

OnePlus has made a name for itself by launching powerful phones at a price much lower than other Android flagship makers. Original OnePlus One was priced at almost the half of the price of Samsung’s flagship offering and while the company has been increasing prices of its phone slightly every year, the company has always made its phone available at much lower prices compared to the competition.

Well, it looks like the came may not be the same in future. A recent leak suggested that company’s next phone, the OnePlus 6 will cost around $749 for its top-tier model.

The top model will come with 256 GB Storage which and some of the top-tier Android phone specs possible, but it would still be a large jump over the OnePlus 5T which costs $559 for its top-tier model.

As a leak recently suggested, the phone might also look a lot like the iPhone X and for the money, you can expect 8 GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC which just started shipping with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

The phone will probably look like this Oppo phone

The report came out from CNMO with a leaked screenshot. Keep in mind that the pricing of $749 is probably for Canada considering other phones in the screenshot are with their Canadian pricing. Converted to US currency, the OnePlus 6 should cost around $575.

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Nokia Launches Crazy Cheap Nokia 1 With Android Go And Xpress Covers

Nokia has been launching many budget phones in the past since its return from the dead in 2016. In that process and to join the ranks with Nokia 2 and Nokia 3, the company recently launched its cheapest android phone to date.

The phone is named Nokia 1 and unlike all other phones in Nokia lineup, the phone comes with Android Go which is made especially for devices with low-powered specs.

The phone has a 1.1 GHz MediaTek SoC and 1 GB of RAM and it will come with just 8 GB of storage. The camera department is not impressive either, the phone has a basic 5-megapixel camera and the front of the phone has a 4.5-inch low-res screen.

To match with its specs, the company will sell the phone for $85 and the phones back cover can be replaced easily, although these will cost extra.

Considering Android Go is an interesting ongoing Google project, we will have to wait to see if the phone does great in terms of sales in the market.

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This is What OnePlus 6 Will Look Like (And it’s a lot Like iPhone X)

OnePlus has been producing some of most powerful Android phones in the recent years, and the company has made itself a good brand recognition thanks to its very aggressive pricing which is almost always cheaper than other flagship phones. With OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T released, it looks like the company is working on the next version of the phone.

The company has been using Oppo phone designs to create its own phones in past and with the launch of Oppos newest flagship, we may finally know how OnePlus’ next phone will look like.

As the picture below shows, the Oppo R15, and most probably the OnePlus 6 will have an iPhone X like notch at the top. Apart from that, the screen of the phone will stretch very much to its edges and the phone will have a larger display for the same phone size.

The OP6 will also come with a 6.2 inch OLED display with a display resolution of 1080 x 2280 with a 19:9 aspect ratio.

OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo all fall under BBK electronics and the phone generally share a lot of design similarities with each other. Considering the OnePlus phones have taken almost all design cues from Oppo in past, we can expect the same to happen with OnePlus 6 too.

Considering the Galaxy S9 has been launched recently and the phone has top tier specs, it will be interesting to see what OnePlus does with its phone in future.

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Feast Your Eyes On These Nokia 9 Concept Renders

Nokia 9 is Nokia’s most awaited phone at the moment. We have had leaks about phones specs and we have even seen some leaked photos of the phone in past, but the company has been keeping mum on the phone and its design.

Recently though, some concept renders of Nokia’s upcoming flagship started surfacing around the internet. These renders imagine the phone in two designs one with a normal, Nokia standard thin bezel around the phone while the other one thinks of a phone as a bezel-less phone with an iPhone X like Notch on the phone’s top.

Considering the Nokia 8 Scirocco which was launched on the MWC 2018 has a curved display, it can be assumed that Nokia will try to go with the same with on the Nokia 9 paired with an on-display fingerprint sensor if rumors are to be believed.

The phone is expected to come with Snapdragon 845 SoC and 6 GB or RAM which will put the phone into the top end of the modern Android flagship phone lineup. The phone will also have a dual ZEISS camera setup and it will have 128GB of storage which should be expandable with the use of a microSD card.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Survives Vicious Knife And Fire Attack Like A Champ

Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are already dust and water resistant up to a degree. But that doesn’t stop YouTubers from torturing the phone with knife tests, drop tests and even from exposing the phone to fire. And, it looks like Samsung has done a fairly good job of making the phone stronger.

Stress test from a popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything shows that the phone is actually tougher than Galaxy S8 and while there were some scratches on the phone’s outer shell, the camera was quite tough showing no scratches at all.

Apart from that. phone’s super AMOLED screen responded very well to fire. Returning to its original state ones the heat was taken away and while there were some marks on the screen, it fared better than many other flagships.

Having a stronger phone for Samsung is definitely a win, considering last year’s Pixel 2 did poorly in the same stress tests.

Here is the complete video:

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Nokia Just Launched Its Banana Phone. Yes, The One from Matrix

Since its return from the dead state, Nokia has shown that the company does not shy away from nostalgia pounding. In the MWC 2018, the company did it again with the launch of Nokia 8810 feature phone. The 8810, or better known as Banana phone in the Matrix movie days was a popular handset and Nokia has preserved some of the most iconic aspects of the phone in the update intact.

The phone still has a curve in its body, complete with a sliding cover for its keypad. Apart from that, the phone ahs snake preinstalled too.

However, the phone is updated in terms of features to reflect that it’s not a piece just for the showcase. It now has a color screen, a basic web browser, a crappy 2-megapixel camera and it runs of Smart Feature OS.

Other than that, the phone has hotspot options and it supports LTE across Europe. There is support for dual SIM too paired with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB storage.

Unlike the Nokia 3310 dumb phone, It will cost $97 in the US and will ship from May 2018.

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Move Over iPhone X and Pixel 2, Galaxy S9 Has The Best Camera Now

Upon their launch, Apple’s iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 were the best phones in terms of camera performance. Google Pixel 2 in particular, scored the highest DxOMark scores which are a test to measure a camera performance.

While Pixel 2 did keep its crown for a few month, the recently launched Galaxy S9 has taken its place as the highest scoring DxOMark camera phone ever.

The phone scored 99 on DxO’s test which is one point higher compared to the Google Pixel 2  and 2 points higher compared to the iPhone X. More interesting is phone’s record-setting score of 104 in the stills department, it was the video tests where the phone scored only 91 which hampered its overall score a bit. Still, Samsung can now boast that the company makes the best smartphone camera in the world.

The test result stated that the phone takes great photos in sun lights and bright environments. There is a good amount of noise reduction and the dynamic range is great too. But just like other phones, the camera suffers in low light situations.

On the video front, the S9 has great video production capabilities and autofocus is stronger too. However, the camera has underwhelming texture production in the vide results.

“The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a smartphone without any real weaknesses in the camera department. In both still and video modes, it performs well across the board, delivering consistently good photo and video image quality in all light and shooting situations, thus earning itself our highest DxOMark Mobile score to date,” said DxOMark concluding in the review of the Galaxy S9+’s camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Are Finally Here: Easily The Best At The Moment

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were definitely a step in the right direction from Samsung. Not only did the phones look refined from the hardware point of view, the company did some cool things with software which resulted in the best premium flagship phones on the Android side.

Now, after almost countless leaks and rumors, the company recently announced the successor to S8 and S8 Plus in the form of Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. While the hardare design of the new phone is very similar to the previous flagships, some new features are definitely worth noticing.

The phones will come with the same display only the brightness will be getting a 15% bump. Apart from that, the S9 has 4 GB RAM and S9 Plus will come with 6 GB RAM.

The biggest changes are on the camera front. The S9 Plus now has a dual camera system which will be very similar to the Galaxy Note 8. Apart from that, primary cameras on both phones now have a varabel aperture which is actually first on any phone. The phone can switch between f/1.4 and f/2.4 at any moment required.

One big refinement with the phone is in the fingerprint sensor. It’s still there, but the company has moved it to where it should belong -below the camera- instead of putting it next to the camera like it did last year.

There is no doubt that Galaxy S and S9 Plus are the biggest competitors of the iPhone X, only time will tell how the phones do in the market.

And, both phones still come with a 3.5 mm Audio Jack. Bravo Samsung.

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