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Samsung Galaxy A6+ is A Lot Cheaper Now

The Galaxy A series is Samsung’s mid-range phone lineup which cuts some corners in camera, specs, and displays to get phones to cheaper prices. Just like the South Korean Smartphone makers did with its last year flagship last week, Samsung has given Galaxy A6+ a

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is A Lot Cheaper Now

Now that the Galaxy Note 9 is on the market and in the hands of some customers, Samsung has officially slashed the prices of all Galaxy Note 8 phones. The price cut can be seen on the company’s official website and on its Amazon page.

Moto Just Launched a New iPhone X Copycat Phone

The market has been a bit tough for Moto on the higher end but I had never thought that the company will go to this path for its flagship phone designs. In a recent event in China, the respected phone manufacturer launched a new phone

More Details About Upcoming Galaxy S10 Have Leaked

Now that Samsung has launched Galaxy Note’s latest entry in the US, it looks like the launch of Galaxy S10 is not too far. We already have some interesting information about the upcoming Android flagship thanks to some leaks, and now we have some more