6 Things to Do Before Selling Your Android Phone

Selling your phone without erasing your personal data will be stupid. So, let’s discuses 6 Things to Do Before Selling Your Android Phone.

Upgrading your Phone every one or two years is getting pretty standard and selling your old phone can help you get a few bucks that you can use in buying a newer, better phone. But, your phone has a lot of information about you and handing it over to someone other with erasing it will be foolish. So, in this post, I will discuss 6 Things that you should Do Before Selling Your Android Phone.

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Check with your Carrier

Some carriers don’t allow selling a locked phone, so, if you are planning to sell a phone that is in contract, first confirm with your career if you are authorized to do it. If you have an unlocked phone, then you are pretty much ready to go.

Backup Data and Save it somewhere convenient

Won’t it be bad if you lost photos of your 4-year kid dressed as Chewbacca in his School? Backup is the solution for that. If you have logged into your device using a Google account and you did not mess with Syncing settings, Google Should have your contact numbers on the cloud that you can access anytime. Still, it does not cover Messages, Photos that you captured and any Call logs. This data may come in handy in future, here is how you can backup it:

Photos, Videos and Other Files on Storage

It is pretty simple, plug your phone into your computer using a USB Data Cable. After you have plugged it in, the Computer should recognize it correctly. Now, go to This PC on your computer, here you should see an icon of your Android device. Double-click on it to open the storage.

backup files from android phonesHere, open both folders and copy all files and folders somewhere convenient in your computer. If you only want to copy Photos and Videos, just copy DCIM Folder. This folder will contain all photos and videos captured by your device.

Backing up Texts, Call Logs, Calendars and Contacts

Texts, call logs Calendars and other data similar to this is not stored in external storage. As I have said before, by default, Google should sync your contacts already. But, to backup Logs and other settings, you can use an app called Easy Backup. The app is completely free, and it will let you store your backups in cloud storage such as OneDrive and Google Drive. Later, you can install the same app on your new Android phone and restore the backup to get your data back.

Complete Device Backup

If you have a rooted phone, you can use Titanium Backup to take a full backup at once. The app will make a complete backup of all apps installed on phone and their settings. There is a catch/ Condition though that you should keep in mind: You won’t be able to restore the backup on a new phone if it is not rooted.

Remove any MicroSD Cards and SIM Cards

6 Things to Do Before Selling Your Android Phone

Very basic steps, but I have a couple of friends who have sold their phone with a MicroSD card attached to it, SD Cards don’t come free, and you are only selling a phone. Giving away your MicroSD card won’t make much sense for you as you can remove and use in on your new devices. It is an entirely different story with SIM Card, without a SIM card, you won’t be able to change your phones without changing your number.

Erase All Your Personal Data

Now that you have made a complete backup and you have removed all external storage, we can move to the big step. You can erase all your personal data from phone simply by Resetting it to factory settings. This is the nuclear option as it will remove all apps and accounts from the phone. All user made settings and customization will be lost, and the new owner will have to set-it-up again just as you did after you bought the phone.

Here is how you can restore your phone to Factory settings:

  • Open Settings. To do this, go to App Drawer> Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Backup and Reset

reset android tablet

  • Tap on Factory data reset under Personal Data
  • If you have set a Password or Pattern, enter it when asked. Factory reset will erase most data from the phone, but, keep in mind that it won’t delete data from a plugged-in external SD Card.

There is one more thing worth discussing wiping data from the phone, while doing a simple Factory Reset should be OK for users, still there will still be a possibility that new buyer can recover the deleted data. If you want to make sure that no one can recover your data from the phone, doing a factory data reset after encrypting the Phone will be a wise step. Encrypting your phone/tablet is straight forward, to do this simply do the following:

  • Charge your phone (the process won’t stop until you have a charged phone)
  • Go to App Drawer > Settings
  • Tap on Security
  • Select Encrypt Phone and then tap on Encrypt Phone on the next screen. After you have encrypted the phone successfully, you can reset the device. This will make recovering your Data Almost Impossible.

encrypt android tablet

Include All Accessories That Came With Phone

Your Phone should have come with some accessories in the retail box; this includes Charges, Data Cables, Headphones, etc. These will be not much of your use as your next phone will ship with its accessories. Including these accessories will be a good thing to do before selling your Android Phone.

Also, the phone should have been shipped with Documentations and Quick start guides, giving them to the new owner of the phone is a good practice as it will make it easy for him to sort out problems should he have.

In doing all this, make sure that you have not included any accessories that did not come with the phone and you bought them yourself. Any additional chargers and aftermarket batteries, Cases will come into this category.

Clean the Device (Physically)

Well, it is not necessary for you, but still, receiving a clean phone will make the buyer feel good. It will feel like you are giving him something that you have taken care of and you have loved. You can find dozens of Screen Cleaning cloths and sprays in the market. If your phone has a removable back and battery, don’t forget to clean these areas too. I don’t recommend using sprays or liquids inside phones as they may get inside phone’s circuit board. A simple fiber cloth and some compressed air will do fine.

What things you Do Before Selling Your Android Smartphone?

Have you sold your Android phone recently? If yes, what things do you do before selling your Android Phone?

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How Much RAM Do I Need In Android Smartphone?

Can’t decide how much RAM your new Android Phone should have ? Don’t worry, just take a look at this guide and you will know how much RAM do you need.

RAM is a very important factor that decides how fast your smartphone can be. While having low RAM will always slow down your phone, having more than needed RAM doesn’t always result in more performance;  and this is why it is really important for you to know how much RAM should be in your new smartphone.

If you don’t know what RAM is, let me simplify that for you, RAM (Random Access Memory) is a physical chip on your phone that stores all your running apps. With more RAM (also called memory), you will be able to run more apps simultaneously on your phone and switching between open apps will be faster and it will result in less reloading.

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Almost all modern smartphones have 1GB to 4GB of RAM. In almost all cases, a more expensive phone will have more RAM as long as it is not an old model. So, to simplify your choosing, here is a straight forward guide to how much RAM do you need for your smartphone.

512 MB

You should not be going with a phone with 512 MB of RAM. These phones are usually really old branded phones or too cheap Chinese phones. A Phone with RAM this low will not handle modern apps and games. A Phone with just 512 MB of RAM is also likely to come with older version of Android.

Who is 512 MB RAM good for? No one.


An Android phone or an iPhone with 1GB RAM should be enough to run most apps. Whereas iPhones are optimized to perform well with just 1GB of RAM, Android usually requires more memory to do multitasking properly.

A phone with 1 GB RAM should be able to run a couple of apps (more, in case of lightweight apps) simultaneously. However, if you are a mobile gamer, you should be looking at phones with more RAM. A lot of titles in play store do work, but you will be disappointed with performance if you install newer, heavier games.

The same can be said about web browsing, 1 GB RAM should be enough for you to use a few tabs on Google Chrome for android, however, as the number of tabs increase, you may find that phone reloads the tabs whenever you switch from one to another.

1 GB RAM is OK for a cheap secondary phone, but you should really avoid it if you are going to use phone for your daily driver.

Who is 1GB RAM Good for? People looking for a secondary phone, users with really tight budget.

2 GB

You can think of an android phone with 2GB RAM to be a good budget device. A phone with 2GB of RAM is enough to handle a few open apps, run most games on play store and run latest releases of Android.

Still, it may suffer if you are tossing too many open apps at same time. As you install dozens of apps and games and open a handful of them, the performance will go down. If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind upgrading phone in every couple of years, 2GB should be OK for you, however, don’t expect an Android phone with 2GB RAM to be a performance monster.

galaxy j7 2GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy J7 has 2 GB RAM

Who is 2 GB RAM good for ? Users with low budget, users that don’t need to do too much multitasking on their phone.

3 GB

With 3GB, we are now talking about performance without breaking the bank, a phone with 3GB RAM is enough to keep many apps open and even multitask when you are playing a game. With a Phone with this amount of RAM, you should be seeing much less app refreshing when you switch between them. Also, this amount of RAM will be enough to not need upgrading because of low RAM for a few more years in future.

You can find many budget android phones in market that come equipped with 3GB of RAM.

nextbit Robin has 3GB RAM
Robin is a budget smartphone that has 3GB RAM

Who is 3GB RAM good for? For most moderate to heavy users, users who want to multitask without buying expensive flagship phones.

4 GB

4 GB Android phones are usually flagship such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5. Phones with this much RAM are definitely expensive, but these offer the best performance. Usually people buy a $600 phone because of Camera and other features, not only because of RAM and so should you. 4GB of RAM will keep you covered in running any amount of apps on your phone, heavy and demanding Games and many open browser tabs.

A phone with 4GB RAM may be overkill if you don’t really use many apps and other flagship features of the phone.

LG G5 is LG's Current flagship with 4 GB RAM

Who is 4 GB RAM Good for? Users with really high multitasking needs and no restriction on budget.

More than 4 GB RAM

Just when 4 GB became a standerd for flagship phones, some makers have launched Android phones with 6 GB RAM.

You probably  don’t need this amount of RAM, If the phone maker is not charging you a price premium for the phone, it won’t be the worst idea in the world to go with an Android Phone with this amount of memory.

oneplus 3
OnePlus 3 has 6 GB RAM


Conclusion: Here is how much RAM you need in your Android Phone:

  • 512 MB: Good for nobody
  • 1GB: For secondary phones, For users with really tight budget
  • 2 GB: Users looking for acceptable performance in low budget
  • 3 GB: Good multitasking without breaking the bank
  • 4 GB: Users who are into flagship market and want best performance

I hope that this guide helped you in choosing right amount of RAM for your Android Phone, if you have any questions, do drop a comment below.

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6 Best Opera Mini Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Love using opera mini ? You will love these Opera Mini Tips and Tricks that will help you in getting most out of the mobile browser.

Opera Mini has been a great web browser ever since it was first released in 2005.
The normal mode consumes a bit more data than Chrome’s Data saver,  but, the extreme mode crushes the competition with its 80%+ Data savings. Here are some of the best Opera Mini tips and tricks to make sure that you use the browser at its best.

Block Ads to reduce Data Usage

Opera Mini is one of a few web browsers that come with a built in ad blocking. Blocking aads makes sense as Ads consume too much bandwidth and also may drag down the performance of your device. To block ads on your phone, simply launch Opera Mini and do to Menu> Data Savings.
from here, scroll down to a toggle labelled Block Ads.

enable ad blocker in opera mini
Enable Ad blocking in Opera Mini

From here you can easily enable and disable ads. As of now, there is no way you can white-list domains so remember to toggle it off if you want to support the site you are visiting.

Remove (almost) All Ads From New Tab Page

By default, Opera Shows you a list of trending news and articles on your new tab page. However, these are filled with ads and sponsored content. These consume Bandwidth and may look annoying to you, luckily, you can turn this off completely and switch to older Speed Dial screen which shows you a grid of your pinned sites.
Even speed dial occasionally will add links to some sponsored sites, but it is much less distracting than the other arrangement.
To apply this Opera Mini Trick, go to Menu> Settings and then tap on Advance.
On the next screen, Tap on Start Page Content and select Speed Dial Only from the popup.

remove ads from new tab
Enabling Speed Dial Only New Tab

Turn Off Facebook Notifications

This may probably be the most annoying feature of Opera Mini, once you have logged-in to Facebook using the browser, Opera Mini sends you push notifications on your notification drawer from the social network.
It is enabled by default and if you also have Facebook installed on your phone, receiving to notifications about same event can get pretty annoying.

stop Facebook notification
To turn this off, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Facebook Notifications.
on the next screen, un-check the first check box to toggle the notifications off.

Switch to Single Column View

If your phone has small screen, browsing a website that is not optimized for small screen can get quite uncomfortable. In these situations, you can switch to single column view.
After turning it on, the sites are loaded and showed in a single column so you wont have to scroll horizontally.

To do this, go to Menu > Settings > Page Layout and tap on Single Column View.
keep in mind that some sites may not work properly.

Download large files only on WiFi

Mobile network operators are usually more expensive than wireless broadband connections and if you have got one on home or office, it may make more sense for you to download large files on those network as it will cost you less than downloading the file directly through the mobile network provider, not to mention that it can also result in an exhausted monthly data allowance.
luckily, there is a neat opera mini trick that lets you postpone download until you are connected to a WiFi network.
To enable it, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Downloads.
from this screen, select Large Downloads and tap on Always Ask or Wait for WiFi.

Lower the Image Quality to Save Data

Images are usually the biggest data consuming elements, some pages are entirely made using images and if you are low on data, loading all these images in the highest quality can cause the data to consume faster than ever.
To minimize data usage, you can lower image quality and even turn it off altogether. to do this, go to Menu > Data Savings and tap on Images on the next screen.
From the next popup, you can select any image quality that you want.

Do You Have any Opera Mini Tips and Tricks?

Have you been using Opera’s mobile browser? If you have any other Opera Mini Tips, share with others in the comments below.

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Yes, Samsung is Making a Batman Themed Galaxy S7

Samsung has named it S7 Edge Injustice Edition and it has a Batman logo on its back, along with this, the Package includes a VR Headset.

If you have been collecting Batman stuff, watching all movies and cartoons of the Bat of Gotham, It may be a dream come true. Samsung is making a Batman themed S7 Edge.

Samsung has named it S7 Edge Injustice Edition and it has a Batman logo on its back, along with this, the Package includes a VR Headset (Gear VR) and a rubber phone case modeled to make it feel like barman’s armor.

We are excited to partner with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and offer a special edition of Galaxy S7 edge for fans of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Don’t be too happy though, the phone will only be available in China, America, Singapore, Russia and Korea. Also it will be limited edition and will be available on early June.

It is sure that the phone will be costing way more than a normal ( non batman-y ) S7 Edge costs, but it sure will not be much of a concern for die-hard fans.

samsung galaxy s7 batman

Are you fan enough to carry a Batman Themed S7? Share with others in the comments below.

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Cupcake to Marshmallow : History Of Android in One Infographic

Here is a quick infographic that covers the entire history of Google Android starting from the Cupcake release to the latest version of Android called Marshmallow.

Since its launch in 2000’s, Android has gone under some major changes. Rather than being a iOS alternative for nerds, Android now powers almost 80% smartphones in world.

From clunky HTC hero to the sleek Galaxy S7, the OS has changed radically and made it possible for most non geek users to get around their phones without any confusion.

Here is a quick infographic that covers the entire history of Google Android starting from the Cupcake release to Marshmallow.

Click on the image to enlarge. 

android history infographic

Via: Mobilemadhouse

5 Ways to Make Real Money From Your Android Phone

Here are some of the best apps and websites for you to make money from.

Your smartphone is probably sitting in your pocket all the time and you only use it to spend money on Apps, Calls and online shopping. Did you know that you can make some money from your smartphones?

A quick search on Google Play reveals that there are hundreds of app that claim to make money for you, however in real experience, most of them are shady scams that are designed in a way that you won’t really be able to receive the money that you make from the app.

After digging in them, here are some of the best apps and websites for you to make money from.

Google Opinion rewards

The first one in our list is from a familiar face Google. Google Opinion Rewards is a simple way for users to earn some Google Play Store credit. After signing up for the service, you need to complete surveys for Google. After completing any paid survey, you are rewarded Google Play Credits that you can use to buy Apps, Music and Movies for your devices. Even though it is really simple, keep in mind that not all surveys are not paid. The price for each survey is displayed under the survey title.

While Opinion Rewards is not going to pay for your mortgage, it is still a great way to make some money from your Android Phone.


SlideJoy is a lot different app than Google’s offering, it is an android app that puts Ads in your lockcreen and your home screen. For seeing these ads, you are paid in real money. The ads are often news articles. The best thing about SlideJoy is its simplicity, you don’t even have to click on these ads to get paid.

Android App is smooth on most devices and the app has a fair number of Positive reviews on its Google Play Page.

You can withdraw the amount earned in app to your PayPal account or your Bitcoin wallet.

Online Casinos

All other options in the article are for earning a few bucks, if you have the knowledge and luck, you can earn money by playing mobile casino games at casino.com

Many of these sites even provide you some credit after you sign-up for an account.


Unlike SlideJoy or Google Opinion rewards, you don’t need to see advertising or complete surveys to earn money. Foap is an Andorid App that lets you sell your Photos for a flat $10. As the photographer, you get 50% of that.

Foap may be a good option for you if you are good at taking photographs and you have a good camera phone.


taskbucks to make money from andorid

Taskbucks is an Indian app that pays you for installing apps into your android devices. Money earned with the app can’t be directly transferred to your bank account, instead, you can use this money to pay your mobile phone bills and top-up your Prepaid account.

After installing and launching the app, you can see a list of apps available for you to install, after installing any app from TaskBucks, you may have to keep it installed for a set period of time in order to earn money.

What is your favorite?

Among all the apps and sites mentioned above which is your favorite and why? Share with other readers in the comments below.