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nokia p1 leak

Upcoming Nokia P1 With 6GB RAM Just Got Leaked

Since it came under the parent brand HMD Global, Nokia has released Nokia 6, which has been successful considering the sales numbers. It looks like HMD is ready to launch another phone, this time it might be for global market too. A concept render of

Razer Just Baught NextBit To Enter The Smartphone Market

Razer -a company that has been making some of the best gaming laptops in the world – just announced that it has bought smartphone maker NextBit. Nextbit is joining the @Razer family! Now we’ll have more resources for more exciting (rebellious) projects. https://t.co/rC6Oww7TMO pic.twitter.com/HJScaIlVfS — Nextbit

Google is Reportedly Working On A Cheaper Pixel Phone

Google Pixel is the first Android Phone to be completely made by Google. While Nexus Phones have been around before Pixel was on sale, these phones only had Google’s influence on software as almost all hardware decision were taken by other companies. With Pixel, Google

washable phone

You Can Wash This Android Phone (Seriously)

Have you ever wondered how easy would your life be if you could wash that dirty dust off your phone with a nice soap? Well, if you are craving to have a product that is washable, you are in luck. I don’t know why, but