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BixBy May Become A Pain In The Ass For Galaxy Note 9 Users

It hasn’t been long since Samsung launched it’s the latest phablet the Note 9, while most of the changes in the new phone are great and are being welcomed, it looks like some users may not like how Samsung is treating Bixby.

Galaxy Note 9 has a dedicated Bixby button on the left side of the phone which can be disabled so that users don’t open it accidentally. Before Note 9, on earlier devices with dedicated Bixby buttons such as Galaxy S9, Note 8, users could remap the Bixby key for other actions or apps.

But a user reported on XDA forums that the app bxActions, which is used to remap Bixby on Note device is no longer working. As it makes it clear that Bixby will stay assigned to the button even when users may want to change it to launch -often much useful- Google Assistant.

This is especially disappointing for users living in countries like India where many of Bixby’s features are disabled to making it the lame duck of AI assistants.

Sure, Bixby is not completely terrible, but Samsung is already charging almost one grand for the phone and it feels sad to see a company like Samsung desperately trying to force users to use an inferior product.

Only time will tell if someone could figure out another way to remap the Bixby kee on Galaxy Note 9 and other Bixby 2 equipped devices.

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