These are the 5 Best Android Tablet Launchers

In the wake of the myriad options of customization in Android, a launcher is like your modular setup that gives your house the look you like. While phones have been getting tons of great launchers in recent years (Here are our favorite ones) finding the best tablet launchers on Android is still a bit tougher. Let’s talk about five of the best android tablet launchers that make sure not only your home screen looks good but also is as efficient as possible.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher on an Android Tablet

To begin with, Google Now Launcher offers its own launcher fully in sync with Google ecosystem and seamlessly making use of all the data Google gets from you. It gives you news and local features in cards when you swipe to the right and it shows all Google services on the front row. For a fish of Google’s ocean, this is quite a fit. A Little tweaking can shape the phone UI for serving most needs, and Google Now works even on less powerful Android tablets. 

Square Home Launcher

SquareHome is one of the best launchers for Android Tablets

While Windows 8 was hated for forcing mouse users to use something made for touch, tablet users were actually happy with Microsoft’s decision. If you are a great fan of Windows Metro UI, Square Home launcher will make your Android tablet not only look like a Windows tablet but provide you a similar user experience. There are tiles, resizing, and from locking the home screen to applying themes and icon packs, all is in windows style. Square Home Launcher tries to utilize all the screen estate available on your tablet screen and this is why many users consider it as one of the best Android tablet launchers.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher on an Android Tablet

If Square Launcher is a bit too different for your aesthetic taste, Action will be a suitable choice. In my opinion, Action is one of the most beautiful launchers in the Play Store.  In customization, it is few steps behind from Apex or Nova. Nonetheless, it comes with a unique user interface that uses the color of wallpaper to seamlessly reflect in all UI for a very consistent experience throughout. An interesting feature is Quickpage, which is an extra screen on right swipe. It has custom icons and a range of icon packs with multiple customization options too. If you like having multiple swipeable panes on the screen, Action Launcher‘s tablet optimized interface is definitely worth a look.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Apex is amongst the most used launchers for both tablets as well as smartphones. The ultimate control over the appearance it gives is quite unmatched, as Play store is full of themes and icon packs dedicated to Apex in particular. You may place up to seven icons and up to five pages in the icon dock and can customize the app drawer’s grid size. The fact that Apex works great in landscape mode very well make it one of the best launchers for Android tablets. With the price being free for basic version, Apex is definitely worth a look.

Nova Launcher

Personally, I think Nova is the best launcher for Android Tablets

Nova Launcher, in many ways Nova Launcher is similar to Apex Launcher but if you use it for a few hours, you will realize that Nova is a bit smarter in several ways. It also comes with multiple themes and allows you to customize the grid size. And it can have multiple icon dock pages too. Then numerous home screen transition effects tons of customizable options make it a very interesting launcher. The features that set it apart from Apex Launcher are its voice-activated Google Search capabilities and the ability to place icons and widgets halfway through the home screen grid cells (subgrid positioning), which arguably makes it most versatile of all launchers.

The features that set Nova apart from Apex Launcher are its voice-activated Google Search capabilities and the ability to place icons and widgets halfway through the home screen grid cells (subgrid positioning), which arguably makes it most versatile of all launchers. Be it Phone or tablet, Nova is considered as the best launchers and considering its fast, customizable and lightweight, I will agree.

Conclusion: So, at the end, following are the best Launchers for Android Tablets:

  • Google Now Launcher
  • Square Home Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher

So, which one is the best tablet launcher for you?

Which one do you like? What apps do you consider as best android tablet launchers? Share with others in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter.

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