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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

It is an undeniable fact that one of the most heartbreaking moments is when you open up a file on your PC that has an important document or some very precious old photos inside and when you click “open” that file, it’s empty. Long story

Keeping Your Mobile Data Safe in 2019

Millions of people from around the world fell victim to a variety of data breaches during 2018 that saw their personal information being compromised significantly. Of these breaches, some of the most notable include the Facebook breach in March which affected more than 87 million records and

How Can Your Company Save on Software?

Worldwide spending on IT for businesses is expected to reach US $3.7 trillion this year, according to Gartner, despite the availability of a wealth of well priced software-as-a-service solutions and other cloud computing services. Small businesses alone will spend $602 billion this year on IT software and

How to Handle a Project Management Crisis

If you are someone who has been managing projects for some time, you already know that no matter how great management process is done, sometimes crisis cant be avoided. The reason can be anything and it may not be your mistake, but it falls on

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

Ever wonder how big and successful teams use Project Management Software to make great products, reach sales goals and help their companies grow? folks from Wrike have come with an excellent infographic that will help you in understanding how big players use project management apps. Infographic brought

How to Create a Mobile Banking App?

Fact: by 2019 mobile banking users will represent 32% of the global adult population. The question is whether your institution is ready for the shift towards mobile banking? So far we have noticed that the growth in mobile banking usage has exceeded most of the