How to Handle a Project Management Crisis

If you are someone who has been managing projects for some time, you already know that no matter how great management process is done, sometimes crisis cant be avoided. The reason can be anything and it may not be your mistake, but it falls on managers to deal with them and make sure that project is completed successfully. Below is an interesting infographic that should help you in dealing with project management crisis situations.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike best collaboration tools.

How to Handle a Project Management Crisis

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Investing in Tech? Here are the Top Stocks for 2017

2016 was a banner year for tech stocks, and 2017 has experienced a surge in technological development in almost every aspect. With the New Year, investors are looking out for the best tech stocks to invest in. Whether you are in search of value, growth, income or long-term appreciation, there are sound alternatives in the tech sector. Despite there being no shortage of opportunities in this sector, the following stand out in 2017.


Facebook continues to soar and show that it is one of the most powerful online advertising platforms today. In the last quarter of 2016, Facebook saw its sales rise to 59 percent and were worth 6.8 billion dollars. The profits of its GAAP also rose to 166 percent and were worth 2.5 billion dollars. This year, the sales are expected to grow by 50 percent. Also, online advertising is expected to overtake TV and become the largest medium for advertisements globally. With its emerging communication platforms such as Oculus, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook may be just one of the companies that will benefit greatly from online advertising. With about 1.8 billion users each month and more than 84 percent of its revenue coming from mobile, Facebook is definitely one of the best tech stocks to buy.


In the past years, Microsoft was known to lag behind other innovators such as Apple who beat it to MP3 players, digital music, tablets, among other core things that were worth large sums of money. However, after the entry of its new CEO Satya Nadella in 2014, Microsoft was pivoted into the cloud. Right now (2017), it is second as a cloud platform after Amazon web services, with the Azure revenue growing at an incredible rate of 116 percent.

Amazon is a tech stock covering the quickly-growing area of e-commerce. Led by Jeff Bezos, who is said to be one of the world’s most brilliant leaders, the company is one of the dominant online retailers due to its low prices and online satisfaction. So far, it is highly profitable and is a reliable stock to buy in 2017.


Netflix is expected to be highly profitable in the next two years, and it remains a growth stock with a high opportunity for continued share price appreciation. Although the cost of content is not expected to drop in the near future, the business model has a promise of profitability, something that has been made evident by the 36 percent contribution margin. Netflix looks to surpass 91 million paid accounts in the next quarter, a move that could potentially grow its subscribers in the 190 countries it is currently operating in. The company hopes to expand its value proposition through adding downloadable content. According to analysts, Netflix sales will increase by 30 percent in 2017, the reason it remains one of the most suitable tech stocks to buy today.

Intel Corp

Intel is an established company with a very consistent record and is going to be a highly reliable blue-chip tech stock to buy this year. Although it may be referred to as a traditional supplier of PC chips, it has been seen to transition into the modern era. So far, Intel has been enlisted by Google as a partner to assist businesses to get their data to the cloud. At the moment, it is on a transition, and planning on burgeoning new markets security, IoT, cloud data centres, and plans to build its tablet and mobile in the years to come. In the last quarter of 2016, Intel focused on IoT sales, data centre revenue, and security-rated revenue. It has been seen to grow its revenue drivers and is currently trading at 12.5 times forward earnings. Intel’s long-term prospects and value are the reasons it’s worth buying it.

There seems to be no other sector so prone to high predictions in terms of massive changes that could affect the entire market as technology. More often than not, hyped tech trends tend to do less than expected, although there are still those that exceed expectations in the long run. As an investor, it is only wise to buy and hold shares in the most successful companies as that is a tried and true pathway to fulfilling financial goals. With the mentioned top stocks, you should be in a position to take advantage of the fast-changing tech marketplace.

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

Ever wonder how big and successful teams use Project Management Software to make great products, reach sales goals and help their companies grow? folks from Wrike have come with an excellent infographic that will help you in understanding how big players use project management apps.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike Top Online Project Management Software

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

How to Create a Mobile Banking App?

Fact: by 2019 mobile banking users will represent 32% of the global adult population.

The question is whether your institution is ready for the shift towards mobile banking?

So far we have noticed that the growth in mobile banking usage has exceeded most of the banks’ expectations. Only a few large national banks are offering great experience to their customers, while the rest are now doing the “catching up” and finally placing mobile banking application development on top of their agendas.

If you are among the latter, this guide is for you. Below are the tips to develop a secure, intuitive and anticipated mobile banking app for your customers.

Understand What Drives The Mobile Banking Usage In The First Place

To get an accurate project cost quote from mobile banking app developers, you’ll need to come up with a list of product specifications first. Or simply speaking – a list of features you’d want for your app. Of course, those features should be based on the actual user demands, rather than your educated guesses.

Forrester recently investigated some of the common behavioral patterns among the mobile banking apps users:

  • 87% of respondents use the app to check their bank account balances and 74% to review a recent bank transaction.
  • Users, who opted to receive account alerts log into their app two more days per month, compared to those who opted out.
  • Yet, 90% of consumers admit that they opted out of receiving notifications as most of them are rather useless.

According to another survey conducted by The Financial Brand, you should build a mobile banking app with the following user needs in mind:


In general, before developing a mobile banking app, you should take the time to survey your customer base and narrow down the list of the most requested features. Then rank them regarding priority if your app development budgets are tight.

Settle on The Optimal Mobile Platform

Do you want to develop a banking app for Android or iOS first? That’s the next question you’ll receive from the developers.

Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons of each platform:

  • Android’s smartphone market share has hit 2% in Q2 2016. In October 2016 Android has constituted 75.2$ of EU5 smartphone sales, while iOS has accounted for 21.2%.
  • Yet, Apple still has more supporters in some of the highest paying markets including Japan (51.7% of smartphone sales), The UK (44%) and the US (40.5%).

Device Atlas has created a great map illustrating, where each platform prevails:

Now, let’s take a look at how the cost to develop a mobile banking application varies depending on the platform:

  • To build an Android app, developers should write 40% more code and tend to spend 28% more time working on the project in general.
  • The timeline extends mainly due to larger device fragmentation (there are some 1,500+ different Android gadgets on the market right now) and additional product/testing and debugging.
  • The app development price may also be higher if you choose to support older Android OS (as users tend to forget to update their gadgets in a timely manner).

iOS app development services usually take less time, especially if you choose to design an iPhone or iPad only app. And most Apple fans tend to keep their gadgets updates to the latest OS, which again reduces the timeline and the costs.

Plan For The Advanced Security

The biggest consumer barriers to m-banking adoption are the security concerns. In fact, 55% of consumers surveyed by Gallup admitted that they avoid using mobile financial solutions as they have doubts about the safety features.

Custom mobile apps for banks should ooze security. However, you’ll also need to strike a balance between those advanced security measures and the product’s usability. Here are a few tips for that:

  • You can enable Touch ID authentication to reduce the friction of typing passwords. The feature is also available for new MacBook Pros.
  • Log-out users automatically after N-minutes of inactivity.
  • Ask users to provide the password only to assess certain functionality (e.g. make a payment), and allow no password access for N minutes to popular features like viewing account balance.
  • Urge users to update the app regularly.
  • Implement additional security measures and authorization if the user suddenly accesses the app from an unusual location (without prior informing the bank). For instance, send one-time text passwords instead of asking to type in the app pass.
  • Always inform them about the important transactions via text/emails.
  • Allow users to set limits on payment transfers through the app.
  • Clearly state where your official mobile banking app can be downloaded as there were already some 65000 of malicious banking apps reported around the web.
  • Do not allow using and installing your apps on rooted devices as that increases the security risks.

If you have the budgets, biometrical authentication is rapidly becoming a new trend in mobile banking app development.

This year TD Bank Group and MasterCard decided to partner with Nymi – an innovative authentication solution provider. Together, they have developed a pilot wearable device that would authenticate payment transactions using the user’s unique heartbeat rate. Their pilot transaction has proved to be successful.

Design a Minimalistic and Attractive UX

The best route to ensure high user adoption is to ensure that your app is easy-to-use. And that seems to be not-so-common with mobile banking apps.

For instance, making a mobile deposit is quite challenging with certain banks:

Here are a few ideas to create a stellar user experience within your app:

  • Test, test, test. Before you roll out a new update or a new feature test your product ruthlessly. A few negative comments on the App Store can alienate a large number of users.
  • Offer customization based on frequent transactions. Create hotkey access shortcuts and feature the most commonly used features prominently on the main screen.
  • Personalization is important. Let users opt-in and out of the notifications/content, they wish to receive.
  • Include rich interactions and account for common mobile gestures like pinch, swipe, and rotate movements.

What Are The Mobile Banking App Development Costs?

So, what should you expect to pay for a good-looking and well-functioning mobile banking app?

According to Exicon, 15 of the leading US banks have spent over $80 million on developing some 606 mobile banking apps. That is roughly $132.000 for one business app.

Of course, there are no two same projects and the development costs will vary depending on:

  • The platform
  • Requested features
  • The region you choose to outsource to/local developers’ salaries.

The development timeline, according to Finextra report, is usually between 6 and 12 month (45% of respondents). Yet, 28% of banks manage to deploy an app in less than six months, while 22% need over a year to build a comprehensive solution.

About Author

Slava Bushtruk is CEO+Founder of Alty, Inc. He’s been in software and app development for nearly a decade with over 75 successful projects under his belt, ranging from startups to enterprise clients. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or shoot a quick hi at [email protected]

4 Interesting Ways To Earn Money Online

There are dozens of realistic and totally legal ways that pretty much anyone can make money online. Perhaps the best known would be selling items via online listings and auction houses. However, at heart, this requires converting the property into hard cash – not necessarily just a way of earning money from your talent and skills. So for the sake of this article, we’ll only consider activities which generate 100% profile without trading items. The good news is that there’s still plenty of ways to make money online, from small pocket money payments all the way to legitimate full-time careers. Here are five of the most interesting.

Look Into Binary Online Trading

The first thing to be aware of with binary options trading is that it can be a risky business. It’s estimated that around 90% of brokering ‘services’ are little more than get rich quick scams, but believe it or not there are legitimate ways of earning a steady income. Obviously only use a respected and regulated service (IQ Option is a good place to start) and take time learning how currency trading works. Good software can be run as apps on cell phones and win up to 90% of all trades – potentially generating a very impressive second or even primary income. Just be careful who you deal with, perform lots of research and treat it as a serious project!

Freelance Work From Home

There are masses of websites that serve as agencies connecting skilled private individuals with those needing their services. Sometimes these can be highly specialized roles offering a very competitive income, but there’s also plenty of other freelance work that most people ought to be able to perform. The Internet is always demanding more copy, and a very popular way of earning money online is writing these words. It’s a competitive industry and rates of pay will vary enormously, but it’s an interesting way of learning about topics that you may not otherwise have much interest in. Those with IT or accounting/business service skills can earn very good money without needing to get out of their pajamas!


Present YouTube Videos

Even the most camera shy person can make decent regular money with a popular YouTube video site. YouTube pays a tiny amount in advertising revenue every time a video is accessed, and while it may not sound much it really can mount up on successful channels or viral videos. Just check out some of the most popular YouTube professionals out there – there’s thousands now, all with their own niche topics and presenting style. Technical/Instructional videos are always in demand – as too are infotainment themes. Just remember that successful channels usually release at least a half dozen unique movies a week – so it can take up a fair amount of time, mainly with video editing.

Effective Blogging

The difference between a professional website and a successful blog is nowadays a very gray area. Anyone can set up a high-quality website which can potentially contain numerous revenue streams. Primarily this will be through affiliate marketing, advertising and of course selling products but the only real limit lies with imagination. It’s essential to use SEO techniques to make sure your site ranks as high on Google as possible for the search terms most associated to your blog. Alternatively, you can be a guest writer for an established website – there’s many sites out there that will pay really good commissions for what may only be a few hundred word article. Sure it’s competitive, but effort and talent are always in demand!

What is Home Automation and How Do I Get Started?

According to, linear actuators played a critical role in revolutionizing technology, especially regarding home automation. Home automation entails installing a system in homes that controls various functions and activities in the home via user defined inputs. In home automation systems, the home’s electrical devices rely on software, sensors, controllers and actuators to automate functions and various tasks in the home through voice, button switches or scheduled plans.

A homeowner can automate temperature control, lighting, security, cameras, entertainment among other things that help him/her add comfort, flexibility or security to his/her home. In this article, an in-depth explanation of various aspects of home automation and a walkthrough of how to get it started have been featured in detail.
One of the biggest advantages of having home automation is that it can increase savings through ensuring energy conservation when the devices are not in use. Sprinklers and temperature control devices can be automated to work only when necessary and therefore reduce on resources required to run the home. Home automation also tags along more convenience and control thus bestowing more power on the owner of the control of the home. Entertainment devices and other equipment can be controlled by voice or an app remotely. Security and safety are also beefed up with home automation as more smart security devices are available in the market. Hoe automation also can help senior citizens to be more independent in their homes.

Some people have faulted home automation systems for being vulnerable to cyber crime. Most people dread over the idea of hackers invading their privacy for the use of various home automation devices and system. Having a robust, reliable home automation system is necessary to avoid such incidences. Strong passwords, encryption and regular update and maintenance of the system in necessary to avoid possible attacks on the home automation system.

With the recent developments and breakthroughs in technology home automation is no longer a reserve for the rich, it can be achieved with minimal resources and expertise. It is necessary to identify the primary goal of the system to be installed and plan effectively on how to automate it. With a hub, a homeowner can control several devices in a central place remotely and locally. Some home automation procedures require the owner to buy a smart device and replace with an old one which requires minimal resources. The hub has to have several features to manage the number of devices in the home effectively. However, hubs come in different forms and with different features and therefore choosing the best hub is crucial for budget, goal of automation and future expansion of the home automation system.

Some of the necessary features to look for in a hub include, wireless connectivity for controlling and managing wireless devices. Future expansion capabilities to avoid unnecessary costs while scaling home automation system. Ability to communicate with major communication protocols is also necessary. The hub’s compatibility with apps is also needed to offer flexibility in automating homes. Alerting and messaging methods to notify the owner in case of any problem is also necessary. The hub should also support scheduling features that allow for higher level automation.

Using linear actuators in home automation has created new opportunities and possibilities in home automation. Linear actuators have helped some people develop devices that have automated various simple tasks in their homes by designing and attaching them to specific locations to give controlled and desired motion. In some cases, linear actuators are programmed to for better performance, and they have been instrumental in home automation systems. Concisely, the role that linear actuators have played a critical role in home automation systems.

Home Automation Technology Transforming The Interiors

Home automation technology has attracted a lot of creative and techie mindset hence allowing the homeowners to transform their interiors as desired. People are now able to control the things and activities in their homes by automating them to once preference. PLC controls are the most commonly used in home automation technology. Some of the features that can be automated in a home include; ventilation, lighting, heat control, building management systems, air conditioning, security control and many other activities of choice.

home automation

Linear actuators are being used in various homes to help control how doors and cabinets open and close or set certain activities to respond to for instance, to the touch of a button on a smartphone. Mobile phones like iPhones are preferred because they have a Bluetooth technology that allows the users to control activities or items in their homes. Unlike in the traditional days when one had to access and the control the automation system himself, today an app called Wi-Fi Actuator Control App is being used to help individuals control the actuators through their Android or iPhone devices. These are the two most effective ways of automating your home.

home automation console
The linear 12v actuator is the most commonly used actuator and best works with the control app. This is because the PA-35 control box of the app best automates your home when connected to the 12v linear actuator. The time delay is possible through the customized settings of the app hence countering the challenge of timing in actuators. The app has a very easy and relatable interface hence can be used by any user and allows its users to customize the settings of the app to your specific likings. You can access the app in Google Play or Apple iTunes App Store.

Pebble E-Paper Watch is another technological product that is installed in phones allowing the users to control the appliances or activities in a home. This product is most efficient because it uses a Bluetooth 4.0 which is the most affordable wireless connectivity product. Technology developers argue that as long as an item can be connected to a Bluetooth, it can be easily controlled and automated. A very interesting example of what the home-control apps can do is set incoming calls on the phone to pause the TV or music player. Another interesting and very creative ways of connecting the home appliances is allowing your smartphone to turn on the lights to the garage as you park your car.

Environmentalists urge people to dim their lights in the evening in case there is some daylight to allow for energy saving. Setting your app to dim the lights is hence one of the most effective ways for us to contribute in saving and protecting the environment. The home automation technology is hence safe and can offer the most appealing lifestyle for an individual, thanks to the secure living space. Home automation technology has made things easier and eliminated much of the traditional technology hence enhancing modernization. Being able to set a space in your home before occupying it has always been a dream for techies as they aim towards maximization of technology. Although the home automation technology also uses energy which is not sustainable, its positive usage has led to the improvement of living.

How Long Does it Take to Make an App?

Planning to build an app? Let’s talk about how much will it cost and how long will it take to build a mobile app.

Planning to build an app?

Let me guess the two burning questions you have – how much will it cost and how long will it take to build it?

I wish I could look at your product description and immediately state the app development timeline, accurate up to one day. But that’s not how things work.

Yet, having worked in a mobile app development company for nearly a decade, I can tell you in details what goes into determining the project scope and the respective time required to build a certain product.

How Long Does It Take To Make An App: 3 Key Determinants

Time is often the most critical factor for startups. And your first question should be – do I want to build a full-feature product or an MVP to present the concept to potential investors and validate the business concept with the actual users?

Obviously, the time to make an app will vary accordingly. MVPs take on average 2 to 4 months to develop. Full feature products may take between 4 and 18 months, again, the exact number largely depends on the requested features, technology, and some other product specs.

So let’s start with the basics for determining the app development timeline:

Industry Scope

Before hiring the developers to build your custom app, you’ll need to do some homework too aka scrutinize your target audience.

Why does it matter so much?

For starters, it will help you refine your app concept and answer the next key questions required to determine the exact project timeline:

  • Which platform and device range will I target? Do you want to build an iPhone app only, or launch an Android version as well? What kinds of devices are more popular within my target market?
  • Who’s my competition? What kind of features does their product offer? Do I plan to build the same ones or offer additional perks?
  • What features does my target audience need in the first place? If you are aiming at an MVP, you should cut down the list to the key top-5s.

Now, how does that correlate with the time and costs?

According to the Next Web, building a Pinterest-like MVP will cost you around $120, 000 and will take 6+ months.

Building a simpler version, for instance, the one that allows curated link submissions sans images and without an external “Pin it” add-on, will cost you half the price and take between 3-4 months.

Bottom line: Don’t let the scope creep roll in. If you need to build an app fast, refine your features list to the bare minimum; validate your assumptions with the target audience and hire a proficient team in your domain (aka people who have already developed similar products and know exactly what they are doing).

Platform and Device Range

Deciding whether you should build an iOS or Android app first can be crippling, especially if your target audience uses both kinds of devices.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

The mobile app development timeline for Android apps is 10-20% longer compare to iOS. The reasons are quite simple:

  • Due to Android’s open-source nature, apps require more testing prior to releasing.
  • Currently, there are over 12,000 types of Android devices out there, meaning you have to either design for a large number of screens or settle for supporting only a certain range of devices.
  • Android users, unlike iOS, don’t upgrade regularly to the latest OS, meaning additional complexity blends in to support older OS.

Probably, that’s the answer why 30% of the 50 top paid and 50 top free iPad apps are not available for Android as well.


Yet, building an Android app certainly makes sense if you plan to tap into a larger international market. After all, there are three Android users in the world for each iOS user. If you wish to scrap large demographics with a free/freemium product, building an Android app first certainly makes more sense.

The Most Time-Consuming App Development Elements

Clutch has made a rather accurate timeline breakdown of various app features, which you can use as a cheat-sheet for your project:

 timeline breakdown of various app features,

Additionally, I’d like to comment on widest variables in terms of price.

App Design

The prettier you want your app to be – the longer this stage will take. Graphical apps with custom animations and transitions can take well beyond 14 hours to draft. If we are talking about games, the number can go up to 30-40 hours.

Hence, opting for a sleek minimalistic look and asking the design team to user existing design patterns versus creating custom ones can be your best bet.

App Scalability and Backend

If we are talking about a social networking app, for instance, scalability is essential. Facebook uses well-supported MySQL and PostgresQL databases for structured data and those may take longer to develop.

As a powerful alternative, though, you can opt for a noSQL database like MongoDB, which is equally robust but takes less time to integrate.

Admin Portal and/or CMS To Manage The App

Again, depending on the type of the product you may need a simpler or more complex admin panel to overview the relationships and processes within your app. Do inquire about the best tools and tech stack to use for your product in advance.

Final Words

So how long does it take to build a mobile app? The short answer is – 2 to 4 weeks for simple projects and at least 6 months for more complicated products.

Yet you should always remember that you can only pick the two elements from this triangle:


You can build a great app fast, but it will likely cost you a lot.

Or you can get a cheap and well-made one, but it will take much longer.

And there are always chances that a cheap app built at supersonic speed may end up being quite a mess.

Hence, set your priorities accordingly and seek for faster development options through refining your project scope, rather than reducing the research or testing timeline.

About the author

Slava Bushtruk is CEO+Founder of Alty, Inc. He’s been in software and app development for nearly a decade with over 75 successful projects under his belt, ranging from startups to enterprise clients. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or shoot a quick hi at[email protected].  Tech Blog and Website

Virtual Tour Around The Globe: 5 Best Free VPNs to Unblock Websites on Android

The world is advancing at a greater pace and it is taking our lives to another height of comfort level with each passing day. Now, we are almost dependent on the technology and the machines which have made us work from our home also. With the internet creating and making a new dimension for each netizen, we are also made insecure sometimes with the insecurity level that we have to face often.

The censorship has become a great deal nowadays and it is often creating some problems among the users but where there is a problem, there must be a solution also. It is pretty normal for the government officials to put a check or block different sites which contain adult material or piracy. Governments in Pakistan, China, Iran and several other countries often impose bans even on harmless websites like YouTube, etc. The blocking of different sites will make you feel the heat and it becomes very difficult often when we can’t access to the things we prefer.

But, given the circumstances, there are many options to unblock YouTube and other websites. There is no stopping you! Using the proxies and the VPNs are the most effective ways to handle this problem. Nowadays there are a huge number of proxies which are saving us from the crunch time. There are some free ones as well paid versions which offer some additional features. Complete privacy and anonymity are the few key features for these proxies.

The number of gadgets and internet service is increasing at a geometric progression. With a huge number of android users nowadays, the number of proxies has also increased. And it is very common to unlock the websites with these VPNs and proxies. If you are an android user, then it must be a bit easy for you. A special thanks to the numerous applications which have it possible for the users. Now, with the help of these apps you can easily unblock the sites and enjoy your favourite content. If you are looking forward to visiting a website with textual content using a proxy is recommended whereas if you want to unblock access to YouTube, Netflix or download torrents, using a VPN is recommended.

Here is a list of applications which will make your tasks easier.


hot spot shield vpn

Well, this software will protect you in the hot spot zones of Wi-Fi. The traffic is encrypted by the VPN. This will also mask your identity as well as your IP address. All these will help you to make you untraceable. Now once you are ready, you can access the sites you want. Any restricted content or site can be unblocked. Hot Spot Shield works with the other apps such as  Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube and so on. You can download it from here.


hide man vpn

This is one of the best apps to unblock sites and will serve your purpose to the fullest. This app will help you to make a connection to the server of the VPN which is present in 16 countries in and around the globe. Well, to broaden the smile among the netizens they are trying to add a number of servers at the earliest. The connection made by the VPN will maintain your privacy and also enhance the security level. You can also enjoy some additional features and exclusive stuff when you use this app. You can download it from here.


vpn one click

This is perhaps the best VPN software to use on android as it not only will get you access to all the blocked sites but also will give you more privacy. Your online privacy will be protected and you may not take the stress of worrying of whichever site you may enter even if it is blocked in your country. You can easily unblock the precious and most sought after sites like the Netflix, You Tube, You Tube music and much more. So, you can ultimately live happily with all these easily available at your fingertips. The address of your IP changes automatically and now you switch to different countries virtually. The internet connection that you would be using will be fully encrypted and as the result, it becomes quite hard to trace you. You can download it from the Play Store.


tunnel bear vpn

Tunnel Bear VPN is one of the easiest and simplest apps among VPNs and it makes it easy to tunnel to different countries and still remain unnoticed. The safe passage will not be a concern for your privacy as it will mask your identity. You will get free access to the sites for each month. If you want some extra additional and cool features, then you must upgrade to the latest version to enjoy the features. Unlimited tunnelling will make your days turn into a golden one. The internet is nowadays putting a check on site or the other so it is best to use this and enjoy the cool stuff out in the digital world.


tigervpns vpn

Tigervpns will help you to break into the firewall easily and enter any website anonymously. This makes it the special app among the users. You can also block the ISP regulations which make it even more fantastic. You can place yourself in the land of the rising sun or in the States or the UK and enjoy the websites which are normally not available in most countries. The most important thing is that you need not do the configuring as it will be done automatically. The app handles all the settings and you just need to sit back and enjoy the stuff.

So, life has been pretty fun and easier with these VPN’s available. With each passing day, new innovations and modifications are being brought up to deal with these perfectly which help you to regain access to websites that are been blocked by your ISP or government. Do try out these apps and let us know if they worked for you or not. Also, if you have any other recommendations to make, kindly comment and let us know.

What is the Difference between Galaxy S7 and S7 Active?

If you are looking for the beauty, Galaxy S7 is the one you need and if you are a rough user, Galaxy S7 active should be the way to go.

The South Korean handset maker, Samsung Mobile launched its newest flagship device, Galaxy S7 across and and it has been received well by Android lovers around the world. Samsung is known to launch an Active variant of its flagship device every year, which goes on sale in American market. This year is also no exception as the Active variant of phone is already launched. While users are upgrading from older devices, they are faced with the dilemma of which one to pick up? If you are looking for the beauty, Galaxy S7 is the one you need and if you are a rough user, Galaxy S7 active should be the way to go. Apart from this, there are some additional differences in both handsets, about which we will discuss in this post.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is the uglier and beefier

Starting from Samsung Galaxy S6, everyone admired the turnabout that Samsung did with its design. It metamorphosed from plastic build to stunning metal and glass design, which the world could not get enough of. Samsung Galaxy S7 continues the same handset design and is a thing beauty.

S7 Active on the other hand has been designed to withstand the wear and tear. Therefore, while Galaxy S7 looks mesmerizing in its svelte form factor, Galaxy S7 Active less so owing to its bulky rubberized design. The handset is also wider and taller then Galaxy S7 with physical buttons up front instead of capacitive.  Samsung is claiming that the S7 Active is MIL STD-810G rated, which means it is protected against high pressures, temperatures,shock, fungus and radiation.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has an additional protective layer on top of the display

Samsung has made sure that the display of Active is well protected against accidental drops and scratches. The device comes with a display that has been protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 layer, which is known to be one of the most durable display.

While Galaxy S7 and S7 Active have the Gorilla Glass layer, Galaxy S7 Active has an additional layer of polycarbonate atop Gorilla Glass, which can protect the display against drops.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has Better battery

Galaxy S7 comes with a 3500 mAh battery which should be fairly enough to last one complete day with moderate usage.

S7 Active has even bigger 4000 mAh battery. Samsung claims that the device can last all day on a single charge even when the handset is being used extensively. Also, the handset also supports wireless and quick charging despite its rugged exterior.


The main difference between these two devices have to be in the price tag. While Galaxy S7 costs around INR 59,000 in Indian market. Galaxy S7 Active is costs more because of its stronger body and bigger battery.

Which one should you pick?

Currently, Galaxy S7 Active is not available in India and in USA the phone is  AT&T exclusive , it is expected that the phone will make its debut in India soon.

S7 is available on online stores and if you don’t need extra battery or ruggedness, the standard S7 should be your choice. If you need a strong phone but you don’t want to compromise on performance, S7 Active is a decent choice.