Net neutrality is the word that now-a-days can be seen flashing almost everywhere in social media. If you are just like us a common internet user you should know that internet is currently at major risk. Telecom operators (who are providing you connectivity to internet) are trying to do something that can change everything about how we use internet.

What is Net Neutrality and Why Internet is at Risk?

Think of internet as a global community of people all around the world. There are a lot of websites on the internet. Net neutrality means that all the data is equal on the internet. You can’t discriminate any website in providing access and speed of data transfer. You always have alternate web services to choose from. This makes the competition stiff and results as a better market for customers.

Apparently dear amazingawesomehoughtfulandhonest telecom service providers are finding problems in this system. Why? Because they think that they are not earning through these sites. They want to earn from OTT (over the top services) and they want to categories websites into groups –and charge users for visiting in the individual group.

What to visit Facebook? Pay little bit, want to visit twitter? Pay a bit too, want to watch YouTube video? Pay us more, want to visit Wikipedia? We want money sir! That is how this is going to work. And don’t forget that you will have to pay for them along with the data charge you are paying to access internet.

People at Telecom operator companies are forgetting one fact: why do they deserve to earn money if they have not made that website. Pathetic thinking.

Honestly –I agree that VOIP and WhatsApp like messaging services are killing call and SMS. But instead of kind that kind of work they should focus on introducing new services.

The side effects:

If the proposal is passed all internet users in India will be affected. Internet will be divided into groups of websites and we will have to pay for each group along with the charge we pay to access the internet. Also once the proposal is passed net neutrality will become a history. Services providers like airtel are thinking of making a contract with online retailer Flipkart. The result of that deal will be that user will have free access to Flipkart website and he will have to pay to visit other retailer websites (such us eBay, amazon) big players on the market can pay telecom operators to make access to their website free of data charge. But small and growing retailers, new startups will be affected most. There are strong chances of their business getting dead.

As a user you are also going to be affected, you will have to pay for OTT (over the top services) like WhatsApp, Skype and other also. That means if you want to send a message thought WhatsApp you will have to pay your Telecom Operator along with the fee you pay for internet connection.

It’s your turn to save the internet and net neutrality

There is something you can do to save the internet. TRAI has asked the consumers about their opinions on this proposal. You can answer these questions till 24 April 2015 you need to send a mail answering their almost 20 questions. If you don’t want to answer all 20 question yourself, you can go the and from there you can answer all the 20 questions related to net neutrality in just 2 clicks. Believe us this task is worth doing.

Internet is the last front where everyone is equal and every user needs to support net neutrality –not for themselves but also for future generations.

It Is Not Just a Start Menu: Windows 10 Has Much More

Windows 10 seems to be much more modern and pleasant to use than the Windows 8. In this article we will cover some new (and lesser known) features of Windows 10.

Redmond Street Giant Microsoft is doing hard work to make Windows 10 Perfect. After testing some technical previews of Windows 10 it seems to be much more modern and pleasant to use than the Windows 8. While people are taking most about the arrival of start menu back and Windowed metro apps there are a lot more new and changed features in it. We have already discussed many ways to get many new features of Windows 10 in Windows 7 or 8 in our blog post.

In this article we will cover some new (and lesser known) features of Windows 10.

Getting Windows 10 Features on Windows 8 and Windows 7


DirectX has always been a part of Windows for while. It helped to get hope on PC gaming platform getting back on the right track. And gamers can now rejoice because you can expect drastic increase in gaming performance. DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 did a lot to increase gaming performance but it is being said that DirectX 12 is going to increase gaming performance way too better than the previous versions. May be more than 50%.

New Package Manager:

Those readers who have spent time installing and configuring Software using terminal in Linux know what we mean. It is being said that Windows 10 is coming with a package managing system. It can be comfortably used to install and configuring several new software. Although Package Managers are used by Power Users.

A bit enhanced Command Prompt:

No, CMD is not going to be totally revamped. It is just getting some nifty new tweaks, in Command Prompt of Windows 10 you will be able to use shortcuts to cut copy and paste text. As we all know that CTRL+C is used to copy and CTRL+V is used to paste text but in earlier command Prompt when you will try to do that in CMD in copy command ^C and in paste command will be ^V will be the result. That directly means you could not do that in Command Prompt. Thankfully this irritation is going to be removed.

Xbox Streaming is on the go with a Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 users who also own a Xbox One (not Xbox 360) you can now enjoy streaming Xbox games on your windows 10 computers. To make it more enjoyable you won’t just be able to use it to show off your gaming session but also you can use to play games on the Windows 10 PC once it is connected to Xbox One.

Although that doesn’t mean that you can install Xbox game on your desktop. You need to install it on the Xbox itself and then you can connect your PC to your home network and enjoy streaming.

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens (Picture below) is more than a virtual reality and it is a lot different that Google Glass. Unlike Google Glass Microsoft made HoloLens works on augmented reality. Which means you will be able to see a Mixture of both real and virtual objects in a merged environment. It is made clear that Windows 10 is going to support Microsoft HoloLens.

It Is Not Just a Start Menu: Windows 10 Has Much More

Continuum mode in Windows 10

Do you hate Charms in Windows 8? (I swear I do) despite being annoying these are pretty important for those who are using a Touch Screen. Especially on a tablet. In Windows 10 Microsoft has done some tweaks about that.

When you will be using your Windows 10 on a tablet without a mouse or keyboard you will see charms, a full screen start menu and full screen modern apps. If you plug your keyboard or mouse to the tablet you will be asked if you want to switch to desktop mode. If you agree to switch Windows 10 will automatically hide all the charms. Also apps will be running in desktop mode and start menu will no longer be maximized.

Spartan and Cortana will work together

As it is already been cleared that Microsoft is ditching its Internet Explorer and including a new web browser (code named project Spartan) and it will be fully backed by Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana. You will be able to perform searches and other stuff without touching your keyboard.

Microsoft is doing hard to make Windows 10 a worthy upgrade and after testing a few builds it seems that it is working. Windows 10 will be released in Q2 of 2015.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook

The recently launched apple Macbook may be futuristic with USB C Ports, but We have found some reasons why you may not like the new Apple MacBook laptop.

Before I get to the new Apple MacBook, Let me clarify one thing –I am not an apple hater and also I am not a Microsoft fan boy. in my previous articles I have pointed out what according to me Microsoft is doing wrong. You may or may not agree with me on all the things I am saying here.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook


On a recent event apple launched its new MacBook, apple’s flagship laptop. It costs a whopping $1299 and has many new features: a more comfortable keyboard with wider keys, better battery life. Completely redesigned outer shell are to name a few. The new MacBook is notably a lot thinner piece of hardware then the earlier MacBook and the new MacBook looks a lot classier than its predecessors.

The change you may find really hard to digest is the addition of a new USB type C connecter and the removal of all other ports form the laptop. Yes-for those who don’t are not informed of that – The new MacBook lacks power port, a display port, and Ethernet port even normal USB ports. In place of keeping these ports apple desired to add a new USB C type port and remove all the other ports form the laptop. The results? The new MacBook is a lot thinner and looks a lot better, but it is the point where things may go wrong. Is looking cool all that matters? What about usability and flexibility, the USB C type port is not even compatible with older USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports. Just to make the device pretty it is not good to drop important ports. On that price you can’t even add two USB Disks at once. Dropping an Optical Disk drive is OK now a days also I do agree that we don’t always need to have a VGA port on laptops now, but removing all other ports and giving only one USB port is bad … really bad for me.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook

Honestly, if USB C port was introduced in iPad or iPhone that will be a welcomed and loved that feature. MacBook are supposed to be a perfect powerhouse where we can serve our other devises –can charge them, backup them, even diagnose them. If you’re MacBook will have to run for external help just to add more than one USB that will be awkward. Some users who live most of their digital life just under a Web browser maybe can live with that; but not everyone. For some of us lives who carry a USB Flash disk on our pocket, use USB gaming headphones or use external mouse, it is a big bummer. I personally think that apple could at least add a few USB C type ports so that at least we could not be complain about lack of connectivity ports. If it is going to be the future of Laptops, I am going to stick with my current laptop for a few more years.

To remove the annoyance apple has presented a compromise – you can add an adapter to add other peripherals to the laptop.  At first the idea sounds OK, but thinking beyond that you may realize that it is quite annoying. You will have to buy adapters to plug an external displays. Even when going anywhere we will have to carry that adapter.

Look at a situation: If you are running out of battery you can plug the charger in USB port and can continue to work, that sounds good. What if you are listening music from A USB pen drive attached to the ONLY USB Port? Thinking ahead what if you want to take printout of a word document from a Pen drive. You will have to copy the document to your local storage and then you will attach the printer to the only USB port or you will have to attach an adapter on MacBook and then add both the things to that. Currently there are chances you can do the task at once. I personally find that hard to speak as an upgrade.

Also apple is not giving you a single adapter free. Instead you will have to shell cash for that (Hint: they are not cheap either).

And about the competition

Recently, just after Apple launched the MacBook, Google launched its Chromebook Pixel. Pricing $999 the chromebook packs 8GB RAM and 2 USB type C ports also 2 USB ports. That is much better than the MacBook. We always will have the ability to add more than one device on Chromebook.

Wireless computing may be the future, but don’t folks at apple think that taking these kind of steps is too futuristic.

Windows 7 is no longer in mainstream support : Should you worry ?

Windows 7, one of the best OS made by Microsoft has recently gone out of mainstream support, and a lot of people may be worried about it. Should you be? Let’s find out.

Windows 7, one of the best OS made by Microsoft has recently gone out of mainstream support, and a lot of people may be worried about it. Should you be? Let’s find out.


Microsoft has a 10 year software support system for its Operating System. For the first 5 years it is called mainstream support and after that period Windows undergoes to Extended period of support which is also is of 5 years.
In 2014 the extended support for Windows XP was finished. Windows 7 was released in 2009 and now it is the time for Windows 7 is to go to extended support.


Absolutely not. Windows 7 will keep running but you will not get the Phone Assistance and Non-Security updates. In mainstream support system Microsoft provides Fixes for Bugs and adds performance enhancements if possible. You are not going to get Non-Security updates anymore. Microsoft will continue to provide Security updates and protection against zero day threats.
Keep running Windows 7 and you will only need to care on January of 2020 when Microsoft will discontinue providing security updates for windows 7

Image Credit : audio90

How To Record your Steps using PSR.EXE

Whenever your PC is  in trouble or you just need to record your clicks and keystrokes, or you have to help anyone about his PC by phone or social media you would have noticed that it is very cumbersome. especially helping someone just by listening on phone or over Facebook. Of course remote desktop is a solution but you need a professional version of windows or any other remote desktop software to do that, luckily every version of windows includes a utility to record your clicks with detailed screenshots. But due to unknown reason Microsoft didn’t publicized this utility, In this article we will guide you through the “Steps Recorder” commonly known as “PSR.exe“. It is an inbuilt application so you don’t have to download anything from internet.

Lets begin: –

  1. On your keyboard press “WINDOWS+R” key or open the run command from start screen.psr.exe
  2. On the dialog box, you need to type “psr.exe” without quotes and hit enter.

You will see the following window pop out-


From here you can simply create new record, during your recording you can add a comment with a screenshot of an area specified by you.

And after stopping the recording you will be asked to name the recording, it is good that the utility saves the recording in a zip archive in a MHTML document, you will need Opera or  internet explorer to open these documents.

It can be very handy to send these records by e-mail.

Microsoft you need to worry….. A lot

Microsoft is changed and all of that is not good. Let’s see what the matter is.

The Redmond Street Company Microsoft has been king of software for past few decades. We used to be a die-hard fan of Windows and other Microsoft products , But now the fan feeling is no longer in us. Microsoft is changed and all of that is not good. Let’s see what the matter is.

The Problem with Microsoft

God knows what Microsoft’s first priority is. They have a developed a really bad habit for a past few years which is throwing users features what Microsoft wants not what consumers need, No one even a tablet customer wanted a plain looking Modern User Interface, Android is not so plain and boxy but is really functional on touch screen.

We all agree Windows Vista was a failure it was not snappy and was really clunky. After learning their lesson the successor Windows 7 is still most loved OS. After the success of Windows 7, just to join the tablet race Microsoft almost neglected the normal PC user. Microsoft just slapped the Modern UI in our PCs even through it was not
working well with Mouse and keyboard.
Microsoft is really good at making software but they are now just focusing on new things not in what they have already mastered, let’s take an example- the windows media player is not upgraded since the release of windows 7, after windows 7 instead of Updating the UI and features of Windows Media Player they made a new Music app in windows 8 which is simply not as powerful as Windows Media Player also removing the Windows aero introduced
in Windows Vista  just by saying it was a resource hog was not a so good decision, sure it consumes more power but it would be a lot better if you gave the choice to customers.

Now the Competition is Tough

10 years ago thinking of a Microsoft killer brand would have been tough but today apart from Apple and Ubuntu customers do have choice. Now the alternatives are not only for name but some are even better than Microsoft Products.


Microsoft you need to worry….. A lot
Google Chromebook

The Increasing sales of Chromebooks is a clear sign for Microsoft, the dominance in Netbook sector may be at risk. The games department where no other PC OS platform was so strong candidate then Microsoft, now has new excellent OS, the valve Made STEAM OS, even Ubuntu is getting better day by day. Apple’s MAC is also holding their ground so strongly.

Not Just in Software sector..

Making software is not the only sector where Microsoft is active, Hardware and Cyber space is
also where Microsoft is trying to break the grounds, the competition is so thought. Although Xbox One is great machine but really strong alternatives are their such as PS4 and Nintendo Wii U, the Surface is a really nice piece of hardware but is not selling like Apple made devices.


Well Microsoft is not going to die , thinking of it will be so foolish, still Windows is used in almost 90% PCs (not in tablets) and is much more powerful that other alternatives, the software and gaming library is so huge than any other competitor, Microsoft Office is also almost unbeatable productivity suite. But hell yes the dominance may be at risk, the market share may decrease, not the total users. Just like Google Chrome better alternatives are showing up and they need to think about that.

Microsoft needs to wake up…

It is not so bad to learn from your mistakes and Microsoft has learnt their lesson from their Recent failures, what they need to do is instead of sticking users anything, give users choice – Like using the start menu or using Start Screen. Also they need to give priority to daily PC users not to dragging other electronic ecosystem costumers to their platform – that should be on the second place, also they have everything they need to create excellent software so they should use their resources. The Windows 10 is may be the next Windows 7 for us but it can be made much better then it currently is. They need to give a visual reboot to windows UI, make it feel like new. Increase the functionality of already included software (yes we are talking about Media Player, Note Pad and even Paint).

We know you can do it and it would be really good if you do it.

Image credits : Mike Mozart on flikr and slgckgc on flikr.