Author: Saurabh Tripathi

How to Change The Theme of Websites Using Stylish

Stylish is a collection of user created themes for websites. The theme library covers hundreds of websites and for big…

Skype Made Video Chats a Lot More Easier for Everyone

Microsoft has made it a lot more easy for users to Skype everyone. Now you can make a video call…

BlackBerry Priv Price And Other Details Are Out

A UK based retailer has disclosed about the price and specifications of the latest android phone -BlackBerry Priv.

No more “OK Google” Voice Detection on Google Chrome

Google seems too obsessed with simplification of its Chrome Browser, right after Google removed the notification center from all Google…

How To Use Windows Task Manager Like a Pro

In this WYSK (What You Should Know) article, I will guide you through the Windows Task Manager.

Google is Removing Chrome Notification Center Because You Don’t Use It

Google, the company that is now owned by Alphabet, has removed Google Chrome Notification Center from Windows, Linux and Mac…

Don’t Settle: How To Change Mouse Pointer in Windows

You can customize the mouse settings, increase or decrease the speed, enable or disable shadow and if you are board…

How has Lara Croft Changed Since 1996

an interesting infographic that portraits the evolution of Lara Croft over all these years.

Xbox One USB Wireless Adapter for Windows is coming on Oct 20

Microsoft is releasing a USB dongle for Xbox, it can be used to stream Xbox Games to Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft’s Surface Book Ad Just doesn’t do justice With Product

the Surface Book ad looks and sounds like any other laptop ad around us. You can simply replace the product…