Facebook Will Help You in Ignoring Your Ex After Breakup

Breakups can be painful, Now Facebook is here to help users in recovering from them. The social giant is adding options in the App and website to help ignoring your Ex on your timeline or profile.

Facebook has had its share of effects on relationship with its social media website. People are using Facebook as a evidence for divorce and often people do breakups by changing their Facebook status. On its try keep Facebook pleasant to use for  users, Facebook has (for the first time) tried to do something for those who just had breakups in their relationship.

Breakups can be painful, Now Facebook is here to help users in recovering from them. The social giant is adding options in the App and website to help ignoring your Ex on your timeline or profile.


Facebook announced all of this in its blog post. It will now give you options to hide your posts from your ex and make her post less visible on your Facebook feed.

You can ignore the person altogether by unfollowing them and your former partner wont be notified at all about all of this. Facebook is hoping that these helps will make relationships on Facebook better.

limit facebook ex posts


Facebook is a place for sharing life’s important moments, which for many people include their romantic relationships. When a relationship ends, we’ve heard from people that they sometimes have questions about the options available to them on Facebook.

Kelly Winters, Product Manager on Facebook

Now, after you have changed your relationship status back to single, Facebook will show you a screen including options such as making your posts less visible to your ex and making the Ex’s post less visible on your Facebook feed.

All of these options were available in the past too, but very little users know about these and with this step, Facebook is making it more practical to do that for users


Damn It Microsoft, Here is How to Move From OneDrive to Google Drive

OneDrive was one of the best cloud-based storage for free until now when Microsoft announced that it is making tons of changes in the way OneDrive is priced. Here are the major effects for anyone using OneDrive as the primary cloud storage.

  • Free Tier is reduced (Again) to 5GB.
  • The once unlimited storage for Office 365 Subscribers is reduced to 1TB
  • You can now only buy storage in 50GBs rather than 100GB.

The last two don’t make much difference for Free tier user. Reduction from 15GB to 5GB is quite notable and for users who are using just a couple of GBs more than 15, it may be a deal breaker.

Google Drive Looks Generous on Space

Google Drive on the other hand still offers 15GB of space and unlimited space for your photos and videos as long as photos are under 16 Megapixels and videos are 1080P or less. If you are not a photographer or someone with need of really high-resolution photos, it is okay. Apart from that your all Google Docs documents and other files made with Google Apps do not count on your storage limits.

If you have an Android device, moving to Google Drive make more sense .

Moving Files from OneDrive to Google Drive

There are two ways for  moving files from OneDrive to Google Drive, the first one is pretty obvious, you just download everything and upload it back to Google Drive.

But, depending on your internet speed, it may take time. Also if you have tons of data, it will consume bandwidth and you may also be charged if you are not on an unlimited internet plan.

To move files from OneDrive to Google Drive, you can use a website mover.io

Mover is a website that offers backup, copy and migration for files between many Cloud Storage services. It is free for personal use.

Update: As pointed out by our reader Arseny Mover is no longer free and it requires you to sign up for paid account.

Switching from OneDrive to Google Drive

Using mover is easy and you should not have any trouble with this, first, you need to create a user account and log in to your dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see two panes on each side of the screen.

From the source pane, click on Select Source and then add OneDrive by Clicking on it and signing in using the Microsoft Account.

On the Destination pane do the same but choose Google Drive instead of OneDrive.

move from onedrive to google drive 1

After choosing and authorising both the connector you should be able to see your Files and folders on each pane. You can select individual folders or click on the OneDrive itself to select what you want to move.

move from onedrive to google drive

After making sure that everything you want to move has been selected, click on the Green Run Button on the right side of the screen to Start moving files from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Have you used Mover? Are you planning to switch to Google Drive and quite OneDrive or you will be sticking with it? share with us in the comments below…

Everything You Need To Know About Moon


Moon is the one round object in the sky that we have all spent time watching in the night time. Tons of traditions are formed around it and almost all children like it.

Below are some of the most interesting facts about the moon. If you know any other fact that is fascinating, share with us in the comment below…

everything you should about moon

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5 Microsoft Made Android Apps You May Not Know About

Lets take look on Microsoft’s top 5 Android Apps that you may not have heard about.

Windows Phone may be struggling to prove itself as a great mobile OS, but Microsoft is not seeming to hope people to buy a Windows Phone to use their services and apps, rather than that, the Redomond Giant is creating tons of apps for other mobile platforms.

Most people have already heard about Microsoft Office, Bing and OneDrive etc but there is more to it. Some apps for android made by Microsoft are not just bunch of ports, instead they are surprisingly good and innovative to use.

Lets take look on Microsoft’s top 5 Android Apps that you may not have heard about.

Arrow Launcher

Recently launched for public use, Arrow Launcher is a full flagged Android Home Screen replacement. It tries to make stuff easily accessible by showing user recently used apps and recently contacted people on the home screen.

arrow launcher android

Arrow Launcher is not a flat style launcher. It has its own visual style and if you wish, you can use third party icon packs with the launcher to customize the visual experience. The launcher also packs a vertical app drawer with a handy search bar on the top to make app access quicker.

You can read more about Arrow Launcher in this post.

Download Arrow Launcher

Next Lock Screen

Initially started as a garage project on Microsoft,It is an excellent option to use with the Arrow Launcher. Next Lock Screen is a replacement for the stock lock screen. It works on all Android Smartphone running version 4.1 or higher. Next Lock Screen makes it easy to launch apps right from your Lock-screen.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNwiZd2GjJg”]

It can also show you your all notifications on the lockscreen. Aimed at professionals, it makes it possible to view and act on notifications without unlocking the phone.

Download Next Lock Screen.


[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfLMTsIJsoo”]

on{X} is currently in beta but in my use, I did not find any bugs. It is a bit complex to use at first. Initially, using this you can automate tons of thing on your Android Phone. Such as you can set your Phone to mute once you get to your office. The app requires Facebook login to work.
Honestly, IFTTT is good at doing this, but as it is made by Microsoft, it deserves to be on this list.


OneNote is well known Note taking app by Microsoft, but some people find it too feature rich and cumbersome to use. Parchi is a great tiny note taking app. It sizes only 4MB and it is also easy to use. You can use hashtags (#tags) to link notes on a specific topic. Parchi was also started as a Microsoft Garage project.

5 best Microsoft andoid apps- parachi

In Parachi, you can create several types of notes and you can also take action on them (calling someone as an example)

Parchi looks clean is definitely worth giving a try.

Download Parchi

Office Lens

The name says all about it, Office Lens is a scanning app and it can take photos and convert them to usable PDFs and other formats.

Office Lens works really well with Microsoft Office apps for Android. After you take a photo of a Printed page or a clipboard, the Microsoft app will cut all the unnecessary stuff out and you will be presented with a clean and neat scanned that can be used with Microsoft Word Documents and other apps.

5 best Microsoft andoid apps- office lens

You can use the app to save scans to OneDrive, in Gallery as Image and even as a PDF not to mention that it also sends them to Office Apps

Download Office Lens

Apart from these apps, do you know any other cool Android App that is made my Microsoft? How many of these were already know by you?

Share With us on the comments below….

Activision Acquired Maker of Candy Crush Saga

The maker of Guitar Hero Games -Activision Blizzard has acquired King Digital entertainment for a whooping $5.9 billion in Cash.

The maker of Guitar Hero Games -Activision Blizzard  has acquired King Digital entertainment for a whooping $5.9 billion in Cash.
King Digital is the company behind the famous (and hated by some people) game Candy Crush Saga. The Company announced the acquisition process in its official blog post.

Activision is already known for some of the greatest games for PCs and game consols such as Diablo and guitar hero series, the company hopes that this will help the company in gaining better grounds in smartphone gaming industry . King digital has almost 200 mobile gaming titles and these will defiantly help Activision in penetrating deep in the mobile gaming market.

Combining all the titles of both companies Activision has now 1000 games. Activision is hoping that this acquisition will help the company in competition with other brands such as EA Games. Recently EA announced that it has more than 1560 million users on the mobile gaming.
Be it good or annoying, King soft has made a big impact on Mobile gaming and it will be really interesting to see how Activision performs on mobile gaming after this acquisition .

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5 Unique and Cool Android Launchers to Customize your Smartphone

We have short listed some cool and unique android launchers that can replace your home screen experience.

Customizable android launchers are playing an important role in making android preferred among competition. There are many android launchers available on the Google Play to customize the graphics interface of your home screen. We have short listed some cool and unique android launchers that can replace your home screen experience:

Stella launcher by Jolla

unique android launcher - stella

This heavyweight resource hog launcher is definitely not for entry level androids, sizing more than 50 MB, Stella Launcher is made by jolla -company behind the Sailfish OS. This launcher includes beautifully styled home screen and swiping based operations. The launcher feels a lot like the Sailfish OS , the interface is snappy and beautiful.
Although there are very few customization options in settings.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Buzz launcher

Buzz launcher is a unique theme based launcher. The possibilities of customizability are almost unlimited becaues there are thousands of cool themes available for it. The growing collection of themes makes it really cool.
The application drawer is simplified and many gestures can be used.

unique android launchers - buzz

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Lucid launcher

Lucid launcher is not about dividing interface into pages, instead Lucid launcher includes 3 workspaces to the user. The first one is the conventional app drawer , the second is Widget page and last but not the least the third space is a web browser. It  makes searching very handy task – you only need to swipe to open a web site.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdQv1UAdhGM”]

Lucid launcher is available in both free and paid version in Google Play. Be sure to try the free version before buying the paid one for your convenience.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

 Chameleon launcher

unique android launchers -chemleon launcher

Being focused on Bigger screen devises such as Tablets and Phablets, It really is a kind of launcher that you can either love it or hate it , The interface is divided into grids and Widgets play a very important part. The launcher changes the pages according to your place. Such as in your workplace you will see your mails in the home screen and when in home you will see the Facebook and twitter alike widgets. Although it is not free and you will have to shell some cash for it.


 Yahoo aviate

unique android launchers - yahoo aviate

Yahoo’s aviate is one of the most organized launcher in Google Play store, It doesn’t have 10000 themes but itreally looks coo and well managed. The sidebar changes accordingly to your time and location after you configure it properly. Such as it shows news in the morning and sows you navigation when you are going to your worksite. Five spaces are available named as Morning, Moving, Listening, Work and Transit. Aviate is light on resources and really easy to use.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Do you know any other laucher that is cooler than the default one? Share it with us in the comments below…

Facebook Wants You to Listen Music in Facebook App

Facebook want you not to leave the app, even for buying or listening music. The social network giant announced via its blog post that the iOS app of Facebook will have a new way to share with public.

Facebook app for iOS now allows a new type of sharing called music stories. With this you will be able to share 30 sec. music clips to Facebook.

The service currently supports Apple Music and Spotify only but Facebook has promised that it will add support to other services soon. Also right now the new post type is not supported on Android Version of Facebook app. We can hope that it will be included soon on other platforms as well.

Instead of just listening music sample or preview on App, the service will also support buying the music from music stores or adding them to user playlists.

The previews from Apple Music and iTunes are available directly through Facebook. If you want more, click through to stream full tracks on Apple Music or add music to your library with a single click to purchase through the iTunes store.

Facebook is trying really hard to not give users a reason to leave Facebook app. The Video Sharing support, Instant Articles and now released music stories prove this.

What do you think about this feature? Share with us in the comments below.

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The New Windows 10 Update is Rolled For Testers

Microsoft has started to take some last measures to start delivering Windows 10’s first major update.

As I already covered in the past that a new major Windows 10 Update is coming this November. Microsoft has started to take some last measures to start delivering Windows 10’s first major update.

The new build which is codenamed threshold 2 is now rolled to testers. After one week of testing, Microsoft will release it for public.

The new update addresses some of the biggest issues currently present in Windows 10 and also it tries to polish Windows 10’s UI and UX. The biggest one is that it will now let users use licence key of Windows 7 and 8 to activate Windows 10.

With this update the title bars of desktop softwares can be coloured, although there was already a work-around to do that. The other changes include a tighter Skype integration for Video Chat and messaging.

Keeping the new features on mind, Microsoft has still not addressed any privacy concerned and still no extension support is added on the fall update for Edge. Microsoft has stated that extension support will be added in next year in 2016.


Microsoft will most probably releas this Windows 10 update next week on November 10th on its Patch Tuesday.

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What Kind Of Facebook User Are You?

The programming behind Facebook may be hard but it is easy to classify users into categorise. Some are gamers, some are stalkers and some are the promoters.

Everyone (and their mothers) know about Facebook, it is the one social network that wants its users not to leave it for a single moment.

The programming behind Facebook may be hard but it is easy to classify users into categorise. Some are gamers, some are stalkers and some are the promoters. Broadly we can divide Facebook users into 9 Types according to their behaviour on their profile.

Take a look on the infographic below and tell us in the comments that Which type of Facebook user are you?

9 types of facebook users

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Microsoft Backs-Off from It’s Promise of Unlimited OneDrive Storage

Recently, Microsoft announced tons of changes in its OneDrive service on a blog post and none of it seems to be a good news.

This is what happens when someone puts 75TB data on OneDrive.

Recently, Microsoft announced tons of changes in its OneDrive service on a blog post and none of it seems to be a good news.

Microsoft is reducing the allotted storage in almost all Tires of OneDrive. These will be applicable on 2016 and users will be soon notified by Microsoft if they are affected by this.

Office 365 subscribers are now reduced to 1TB of OneDrive Storage from Unlimited storage. This is quite a downgrade as people were able to store unlimited data on their OneDrive accounts.

The bad news doesn’t stop here though,  Microsoft is also reducing free storage limit to 5GB again. This seems to be rediculas keeping in mind that Google still offers 15GB of free storage on its Google Drive. Although, Apple’s iCloud is at a similar state at 5GB free storage.

Microsoft has made changes on its free plan several times since the inception of OneDrive. At the launch it was 25GB of storage, than it was changed to 5GB. After that it was again increased to 15GB.

TL;DR is that now free users have 5GB of storage. Even if you enabled Camera Roll feature in OneDrive’s Android or iOS app, it will no longer benefit in storage.

There is one more thing to hurt customers, Prices are also being increased of storage plans and some plans are removed altogether in the OneDrive service.

You will no longer be able to buy 100GB or 200GB monthly plans, instead there is only one plan -50GB for $2 per month. Users who already have one of these plans will not be affected.

Microsoft has said that if a user has stored more data than the new plans, they will be able to keep it for next 12 month.

Why Microsoft is Doing this?

Microsoft has tried to give some reasons on the blog post, the best one is that some users were storing too much data on their OneDrive Account.

A small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. In some instances, this exceeded 75 TB per user or 14,000 times the average.

Some users stored more than 75TB of data. (Seriously? 75 TB? how many torrent movies did that guy kept in there) This may make some sense reduction of Unlimited tier but that is not making sense in the matter of reducing free storage to 5GB from 15GB.

However, Office 365 still is cost effective compared to other storage plans on the internet. These changes will be applied form 2016.

What do you think about the reduction on data storage in OneDrive? Will you be switching back to Google Drive or other services or will you stick with it? share with us in the comments below.